It’s the final day of our Flower-ish Week here at Mer de Noms, how’s it been for you so far ? Well, you’ve probably heard of all the names that have come before at least once, but today we’re throwing in a wildcard as a last huzzah. Everyone, say hello to Calytrix.

Now, strictly speaking, Calytrix is a genus of a group of plants, rather than the name of plant, but I couldn’t not cover this little gem. She also means we’re kind of ending the week as we started it off: with shrubbery. If you’ve learnt but one thing this week, I hope it’s that there’s some shrubbery out there with super awesome names.

The Calytrix group of shrubs are also more commonly known as starflowers, and they’re mostly found in Australia; that doesn’t mean, though, that the name Calytrix can’t find fans elsewhere in the world.

The calytrix tetragona shrub is more commonly known as fringe myrtle, with the fringed effect being a result of the tapering of the calyx into points behind each starry flower of the plant.

The name Calytrix derives from Greek origins, meaning calyx and hair, which fit the plant due to it’s long calyx tips.

You may not be surprised to hear that Calytrix lacks a ranking in England&Wales due to being used for less than 3 babes, but that doesn’t mean she sounds unfamiliar. If you like, you could consider her a smoosh of cute Callie and starlet Beatrix, who rank #397 and #272 in England&Wales (2012), respectively.

To conclude, Calytrix is very much the most of the beaten track name that I’ve covered this week – perhaps a choice only for the very brave. You can’t, however, deny just how pretty a name she’d make.

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One thought on “Calytrix

  1. Such a fantastic week of names – they’ve all been great! I especially love this one. I’ve never heard it before but it has a great sound 🙂


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