Let me say this first and foremost: there is no set guide to how to name a child. That’s down to you folks, but in amongst the many posts that have accumulated on this blog over the years I hope you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for to come up with a truly kickass name for your little one.

The Blog Author

Personally, I was born a Lucy, but in my day-to-day life, most refer to me as Lou; this is because it’s my opinion that I’m far too clumsy and far too into sport to wear a dainty, girly name such as Lucy. These days, however, I tend to switch between both names within even the same string of messages, and let friends and family decide which they’d rather use.

I hail from Nottingham originally, but a few years ago betrayed my midlands roots to relocated to the M4 corridor aka basically London to pursue a degree in Chemistry. Since my being clever stuff keeps me quite busy, this blog has become less active than once was but fear not, it is not dead.

The Blog Origins & Aim

Back in May 2010 I couldn’t help but notice the very real lack of diversity in the name blog world – pretty much all the main ones were US of A based, and whilst that’s all awesome, I felt a voice was needed to highlight the naming sphere from my side of the pond, since despite sharing a language, our naming tastes do diverge.

Since then, however, the number of active name blogs has burgeoned, with more UK based ones and even an Australian one or two, which completely rocks.

This blog mostly covers names from a British perspective, and quotes data from the England&Wales set published every year by the Office of National Statistics, which lists all names given to 3 babies or more for each gender for that year, ranked according to usage. My very real fascination with names lies in what it is that leads thousands of parents every year to call their son Jack, but not Artemis. I also like to think of the blog as broadening the horizons of naming, by suggesting alternatives to popular names and nicknames you might not have considered for Charlotte because I totally get the problem of trying to locate your friend Amy Smith on Facebook when there are so many of them.

The Blog Name

The name of the blog is inspired by an album I once bought, Mer de Noms by A Perfect Circle, which was the first I managed to sync onto my iPod without any technical difficulties. I thought of it as one of my proudest achievements, so it’s fitting that maintaining an almost 5 year old blog should join my list of achievements with the album that inspired it’s name.

The Blog Logo

The background and blog logo you can see was indeed taken by yours truly and is of a beach in Iceland, from my 2010 geography field trip.

Communication and A Note On Consultation

Feel free to write to us about anything related to names or the blog in general. Have a favourite series of posts you want to see more of? A name you’d like to know more about? Feel free to contact me via the blog email, blog twitter account or even just comment below.

Many name blogs offer name consultation as a sideline, however, in keeping with my above belief that that there is no set guide to naming children, I don’t officially offer naming consultation services. That said, if you’d particularly like my input from a British perspective, feel free to send me along an email and I’ll be more than happy to give you my opinion and ideas.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ketty

    Hey there, love your taste in names. Indie is a bold choice, but I have to admit that it works. You really have an eclectic taste!


  2. Hi Lou, I just subscribed as this is exactly the kind of name blog I’ve been looking for – another non-US name blog. Would you mind if I added you to my blog roll? People do seem to click on them, and it’s another way for people to find you.

    Lovely names! My faves – Oscar Alexander Darcey and Saskia May Ophelia.



    • Why, thank you, I recently subscribed to your own blog to give a bit more variation to my own reading in the world of name blogs.

      You’re more than welcome to add me to your blogroll, I am happy to reciprocate the gesture.


  3. Thank you very much, and I just added you! Happy blogging!


  4. I just found you from a comment on my blog– our first name choices were exactly the same: Penelope, Hector, Esther and Simon (actually my 5th choice wild card was Theodore) which is why I noticed your comment. Have I never been here before? Why oh why not? Good to see you!


  5. Mother of Beatrix Betty

    Came here via Google looking for nicknames used for my daughters names. Thought I’d found them all!

    You have a lovely style of writing x


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