Sibsets of the Week

Sibset of the Week is a long-running series of posts that looks at the name of famous families (or, occasionally, families in the news for whatever reason). The process of selecting families in which to feature isn’t a particularly scientific one: British families are preferable, although it’s fun to occasionally cover families from other parts of the world, and I do try to enforce a bit of bias into families with more notable or even wacky names. In brackets after each family is the name of the famous relation or the book in which the family features.

This is a complete list of all sibsets featured in our Sibsets of the Week post – last updated 24/08/2014.


The Al-Salehs (Talal and Abdul) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Albiols (Azahara and Alma) (Raúl Albiol)

The Alonsos (Jontxu and Ane) (Xabi Alonso)

The Amroliwalas (Milo, Mabel, Mary and Louis) (Matthew Amroliwala)

The Apatows (Maude and Iris) (Leslie Mann)

The Arbeloas (Alba) (Álvaro Arbeloa)

The Baddiels (Dolly and Ezra) (David Baddiel)

The Baring-Goulds (Mary, Margaret, Edward, Beatrice, Veronica, Julian, William, Barbara, Diana, Felicitas, Henry, Joan, Cecily, John and Grace)

The Baxendales (Nell, Eric and Vincent) (Helen Baxendale)

The Berrymans (Nico) (Guy Berryman)

The Biggs (Finley, Luca and Marley) (Sally Gunnell)

The Bourkes (Maisie and Eliza) (Jo Brand)

The Bowers (Arlo and Angelica) (Natasha Kaplinsky)

The Brandreths (Benet, Saethryd and Aphra) (Gyles Brandreth)

The Brennans (Bartley, Brídín, Ciarín, Dierdre, Eithne, Leon, Maire, Olive and Pól) (Enya Brennan)

The Brittons (Fern, Jasper and Cherry) (Fern Britton)

The Broads (Willem and Bonnie) (Billy Idol)

The Brosnans (Christopher, Charlotte, Sean, Dylan and Paris) (Pierce Brosnan)

The Browns (Halle, Lilia and Lola) (Wes Brown)

The Brudenells (Maddison, Jordan and Rowan) (David Nightingale Hicks)

The Bucklands (Violet and Jonah) (Jonny Buckland)

The Buttons (Jenson, Samantha, Tanya and Natasha) (Jenson Button)

The Byrons (Ada, Clara and Medora)

The Camaras (Oury and Aby) (Zoumara Camara)

The Camerons (Ivan, Nancy, Arthur and Florence) (David Cameron)

The Chambers (Rocco and Skye) (Dwain Chambers)

The Champions (Ava, Juno and Rex) (Will Champion)

The Christians (Hope, Neisha, Ethan, Neo, Rhiver, Marli and Taio-Ashar)

The Cooks (Woody and Nelly) (Zoe Ball, Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim)

The Coombes (Raya and Tiger) (Gaz Coombes)

The Coombes (Lila, Louis and Ailla) (Rob Coombes)

The Cowells (Clementine, Maisie and Alexander) (Cressida Cowell)

The Dailys (Hunter and Tyson) (E.G. Daily)

The Deneuves (Christian and Chiara) (Catherine Deneuves)

The Deneuves (Igor and Lou) (Catherine Deneuves)

The Deneuves (Milo and Anna) (Catherine Deneuves)

The Dents (Lucy and Thea) (Susie Dent)

The Dorléacs (Catherine, Sylvie and Françoise) (Maurice Dorléac)

The Drewitt-Barlows (Saffron, Aspen, Orlando, Jasper and Dallas) (Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlows)

The Dubais (Al Jalila and Zayed) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Durrs (Blossom, Felix and Velvet) (Jason Durr)

The Edmondsons (Eleanor, Beatrice and Freya) (Jennifer Saunders)

The Evanses (Ismay and Taliesin) (Wynne Evans aka Go Compare Man)

The Farahs (Rihanna, Amani and Aisha) (Mo Farah)

The Fayers (Ambre, Liv and Emy) (Elsa Fayer)

The Federers (Charlene and Myla) (Roger Federer)

The Fergusons (Elfie, Bliss and Blythe) (Rosemary Ferguson)

The Fiennes (Martha, Ralph, Joseph, Jacob, Sophie and Magnus) (Ralph Fiennes)

The Fiennes (Teale and Nathaniel) (The Fiennes Family)

The Fiennes (Cheyenne and Shanti) (The Fiennes Family)

The Fiennes-Tiffins (Titan, Hero and Mercy) (Martha Fiennes)

The Fines (Cordelia and Ione) (Anne Fine)

The Flint Woods (Felix, Amory, Conrad and Domino) (India Hicks, David Flint Wood)

The Fogles (Ludo and Iona) (Ben Fogle)

The Frosts (Casper, Blake and Nico) (Jenny Frost)

The Fruchtmanns (Tali, Lola and Daniel) (Annie Lennox)

The Galloways (Lucy, Faris and Zein) (George Galloway)

The Goldsmiths (Isabel, Manes, Alix, Jemima, Zac, Benjamin, Jethro and Charlotte) (Sir James Goldsmith)

The Goldsmiths (Uma, Thyra and James) (Zac Goldsmith)

The Goldsmiths (Iris, Frank and Isaac) (Sir James Goldsmith)

The Goldsmiths (Gaia and Lea) (Sir James Goldsmith)

The Gummers (Ben, Felix, Leonora and Cordelia)

The Hales (Max, Magnolia, Dinah and Wren) (Shannon Hale)

The Halls (Kitty, Frederica and Winifred) (Harry Hill)

The Hanovers (George, Freidrich, Maximilian, Sophia, Karl, Christian and Ernest)

The Harwins (Coco and Zane)

The Hausers (Bright and Cole) (Wings Hauser)

The Heidfelds (Juni, Joda and Justus) (Nick Heidfeld)

The Heinles (August, Thaddeus and Georgia) (Amelia Heinle)

The Hicks (Ambrosia and Angelica) (Ashley Hicks)

The Hicks (Edwina, Ashley and India) (David Nightingale Hicks)

The Hirsts (Connor, Cassius and Cyrus) (Damian Hirst)

The Hollandes (Thomas, Clémence, Julien and Flora) (François Hollande, Ségolène Royale)

The Idowus (D’Karma and Prince) (Phillips Idowu)

The Iniestas (Valeria) (Andrés Iniesta)

The Jacksons (Maureen, Sigmund, Toriano, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Brandon, Michael, Steven and Janet) (Michael Jackson)

The Jameses (Geronimo, Artemis, Galileo, Sable and Beatrix) (Alex James)

The Johnsons (Lara, Theodore, Cassia and Milo) (Boris Johnson)

The Joneses (Sonny, Kit and Ray) (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

The Jordans (Alia, Abdullah, Faisal, Aisha, Zein, Haya, Ali, Hamzah, Hashim, Iman and Raiyah) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jordans (Hussein, Iman, Salma and Hashem) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jordans (Ayah, Omar, Sara and Aisha) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jordans (Jalilah and Abdullah) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jordans (Haya) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jordans (Haalah, Rayet and Fatima) (Hussein of Jordan)

The Jumas (Aoun and Muna)

The Kahns (Sulaiman and Kasim) (Jemima Khan)

The Kings (Fallon, Farrah, Felisha and Neosha) (Cherish)

The Kurers (Allegra and Saskia) (Vanessa Feltz)

The Larensdaughters (Marda and Miri) (The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale)

The Larges (Lester, Laura, Lucy and Luke)

The Lawsons (Nigella, Horatia, Thomasina and Dominic)

The Logans (Reuben and Lois) (Kenny Logan, Gabby Logan)

The Loughs (Isla and Raphael) (Paula Radcliffe)

The Lowes (Daisy, Alfie, Frankie and Betty) (Pearl Lowe)

The Lumsdens (Ernie and Walter) (Sophie Thompson)

The Martins (Apple and Moses) (Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow)

The Mirzas (Hussein of Jordan)

The Mitchells (Lyric and Allure) (Kel Mitchell)

The Morrises (Florence and Vita) (Mel Giedroyc)

The Newbys (Harry, Peter, Jack, Joe, Bryce and George)

The Nuyens (Sterre, Storm and Sting) (Nick Nuyen, Evy Nuyen)

The Pankhursts (Christabel, Estelle, Adela, Francis and Henry) (Emmeline Pankhurst)

The Paphitis (Theodorus, Xanthos, Christos, Marinos and George) (Theo Paphitis)

The Pennimans (Michael, Yasmina, Paloma, Zuleika and Fortuné) (Mika)

The Plants (Carmen, Karac, Logan and Jesse) (Robert Plant)

The Portases (Milo and Verity) (Mary Portas)

The Prices (Yetunde, Lyndrea and Isha) (Venus Williams, Serena Williams)

The Redmonds (Elliot and Grace) (Derek Redmond, Sharron Davies)

The Regises (Alicia and Renee) (John Regis, Jennifer Stoute)

The Reinas (Grecia, Alma and Luca) (Pepe Reina)

The Richies (Mackenzie, Lolita and Romani) (Shane Richie)

The Robertsons (Holly, Tilly and Chester) (Davina McCall)

The Ryders (Jael, Coco, Joseph, Lulu and Pearl) (Shaun Ryder)

The Sandéns (Molly, Frida and Mimmi) (Molly Sandén)

The Schweigers (Valentin, Lilli, Camille and Emma) (Til Schweiger)

The Shentall-Lees (Jaden and Star) (Lisa Scott-Lee)

The Sidebottoms (Indiana and Darley) (Ryan Sidebottom)

The Smiths (Rudy and Spike) (Edith Bowman)

The Soumillons (Mika and Charlie) (Sophie Thalmann)

The Speights (Mark, Tina-Louise and Jason) (Mark Speight)

The Taylors (Columbus, Cassius, Eloise and Estella) (Lady Helen Taylor)

The Torodes (Marcel, Casper, Jonah and Loulou) (John Torode)

The Torres (Nora and Leo) (Fernando Torres)

The Tuilagis (Fereti, Olotuli, Enele, Alesana, Anitelea, Sanele and Manu) (Manu Tuilagi)

The Turners (Ariel, Merlin and Griffin) (Lowri Turner)

The Warriners (Eryn, Jackson, Harrison, Callan, Taitum, Ilish, Romany and Avie)

The Weirs (Ronie, Mason and Tillia) (David Weir)

The Westerhoffs (Ulysses) (Gay-Yee Westerhoff)

The Whileys (India, Jude, Cassius and Coco) (Jo Whiley)

The Whitehalls (Jack, Molly and Barnaby) (Jack Whitehall)

The Williams (Rocky and Striker)

The Williams (Venus and Serena) (Venus Williams,  Serena Williams)

The Wolfe-Barrys (Rosalind, Bernard, Kenneth, Ida, Alexander, Eric and Sylvia) (Sir John Wolfe-Barry)

The Zidanes (Enzo, Luca, Theo and Elyaz) (Zinedine Zidane)

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