Weekend Post: Pond Differences (Lads)

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, British F1 Drivers, both of whom's names appear on this list, from Independent.co.uk

The lovely Elisabeth over at You Can’t Call It ‘It’! has been recently posting 100-name sections of the US Top 1000 list, asking people to formulate a 5-child sibset from it. If you haven’t tried it already, make sure you have plenty of time, as it is all rather addictive. Whilst scanning the lists for ideas of names, I couldn’t help but notice significant differences in the popular names used in the US and those in the UK. The below names appear in the UK Top 150, but not in the US Top 500 (with their UK ranking in brackets after, plus for comparison sake, I’m using the 2009 data for both):

Alfie (#4) Finlay (#61) Sonny (#108) Rory (#142)
Mohammed (#16) Mohammad (#62) Ibrahim (#110) Jenson (#143)
Archie (#20) Ben (#65) Zak (#112) Alfred (#146)
Lewis (#21) Kian (#71) Muhammed (#113) Ayaan (#149)
Callum (#28) Reuben (#79) McKenzie (#114) Muhamed (#150)
Muhammad (#36) Bailey (#81) Ollie (#115)  
Harvey (#39) Louie (#84) Zac (#118)  
Finley (#43) Ellis (#85) Frankie (#121)  
Jamie (#48) Kieran (#86) Jakub (#123)  
Freddie (#53) Ewan (#95) Marley (#124)  
Theo (#55) Frederick (#96) Dexter (#125)  
Harley (#56) Stanley (#98) Ronnie (#131)  
Toby (#57) Billy (#103) Yusuf (#134)  
Rhys (#59) Bobby (#104) Tommy (#137)  


And then there are the names that don’t even appear in the US Top 1000:

Alfie Finlay Mckenzie Muhamed
Archie Louie Ollie  
Harvey Ewan Zac  
Freddie Zak Jakub  
Theo Muhammed Jenson  
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8 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Pond Differences (Lads)

  1. Interesting! I may just steal your idea some time.


  2. Great idea! We certainly know how to rock the Celtic and Arabic names and ‘ee’ sound diminutives.


  3. A lot of these *are* in the US top 1000 for 2010 (and probably 2009 too): Dexter , Lewis, Frederick, Stanley, Alfred, Finley. I stopped looking after that.

    Try typing them into: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager# to quickly check their rankings.

    They are a lot less popular in the US though, compared to the UK.

    I looked into several of these when we named our 3rd baby this year. I’m from England, but live in the US with my American husband. So I especially like to look for names that are more popular in the UK than in the US.


    • I know, but it seemed fair to compare the data of the same year, since the UK 2010 data won’t be released until the autumn. I checked all the UK Top 150 names in 2009 against all the US Top 1000 names of 2009. The ones that did not appear on the US Top 1000, but did on the UK Top 150 are the ones that made it on the list.


      • I stand corrected. I just did a quick check, just to make sure, and it appears I compared with the US Top 500 instead. My mistake, apologies for the mislead 🙂


  4. There are certainly huge differences between the US and UK names list at times which become most apparent to me when you have a name like Ashley (ranking at 154 for boys and only 421 for girls in the UK for 2009 compared with number 20 for girls and not in the top 1000 for boys in the US). Or even Brooklyn which ranks 243 for boys in the UK and 594 for girls, compared with number 37 for girls in the US and again not in the top 1000 for boys.


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