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10 Names From The Carolingian Dynasty

Today we’re looking into a dynasty that hails from France in the Middle Ages. The Carolingian Empire occurred from 800-888 AD and covered much of modern day France as well as surrounding countries, including much of what these days constitute the western part of modern-day Germany. Some of the names from the era are fascinating, and today we’re covering 10 of them.

1. Charlemagne

Perhaps the best known Frankish king from the Carolingian Dynasty (reigning from 742-814 AD). Charlemagne is an elaboration of Charles le Magne, which in English is Charles the Great. This name is commonly heard in my household as a nickname for friend Charlotte.

2. Carloman

Whilst Charles and Carl have made it to modern day usage, this other offshoot has not. This was the name of several Frankish rulers, including the 8th-century Carloman I who ruled jointly with his brother (the above aforementioned Charlemagne) for a time.

3. Pepin

Alternatively spelled Pippin, the origins of this name are uncertain. Pepin the Short was the first Carolingian king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne.

4. Louis

The only name on this list to have any modern day usage, and he goes on to become incredibly popular amongst the Renaissance French Royals until Louis the Millionth* (*that’s a lie, he was the 16th) met his fateful end. First used by the son of Charlemagne, this name was brought to England by the Norman with the spelling Lewis. The name is the French form of Ludovicus, which comes from Ludwig.

5. Lothaire

Perhaps too close to the word lothario for anyone to seriously consider the name, but this name has had a prolific usage amongst the continental royals (specifically in France and Italy). Lothaire was the son of Louis I and ruled over the region we now know as Lorraine. Lothaire is the French form of Lothar.

6. Gisela

In modern day usage, this is the German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese form of Giselle. The name is of Germanic origins and means pledge. This was the name of the daughter of Charles III, who went on to marry the Norman leader Rollo in the 10th century. Popular in France in the Middle Ages.

7. Rotrude

A female name that sounds as hopelessly unfashionable as Gertrude, and yet, I’m intrigued. Rotrude of Treves was the first wife of Charles Martel, who was the grandfather of Charlemagne. She’s a variant of Rotrud, a name of Germanic origin that means famed strength.

8. Drogo

You may have thought this name came from George R.R. Maritn’s imagination, but you’d be wrong. He’s a Norman name that potentially came from the Germanic element dragen, meaning to carry. Alternatively, he could come from the Germanic element drog, meaning ghost. This was another name brought to Britain by the Normans, but he sadly hasn’t survived to modern day usage.

9. Ermentrude

Perhaps even more hopelessly unfashionable than either Rotrude or Gertrude, and like Drogo, this name appears in the Song of Ice & Fire series of books for a lesser character, Lady Ermentrude of House Hayford. The name is the French form of Ermendrud, which derives from the Germanic elements: ermen, meaning whole/universal (aka the source of Emma) and drud, meaning strength. These days, you’re more like to meet an Emma than an Ermentrude. This was the name of the 9th-century queen consort of France, Ermentrude d’Órléans (825-869).

10. Ansgarde

The first wife of Louis the Stammerer and mother of later Carolingian Kings Louis III and Carloman II. Her name is of Germanic origins and means godly enclosure.

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Since I was talking about a Swiss family yesterday, it seems as if we should continue our continental talk by retreating once again back to France. You see, I was scrolling through the 2010 French data on BehindTheName, when I noticed that an awful lot of names contained the letters o and u side-by-side – especially a lot of lou names (Woo!).

Here’s a complete list of the names in alphabetical order, with the majority of meanings courtesy of MeilleurPrénoms:


Abdoulaye (#439) – servant of God, Arabic. Abdoulaye Méïté plays for Dijon FC and Abdoulaye Wade is the former President of Senegal.

Amadou (#468) – possibly a variant of Amadeus, which means love of God in Latin. Could also be taken from the French word amadou, which means tinder or derive from Arabic and mean praiseworthy

Ayoub (#95) – repentance, Arabic

Édouard (#209) – French form of Edward, which means guardian of wealth

Elouan (#170) – possibly derives from Celtic and means light

Lou (#451) – short for Lou- names

Louca (#307) – variation of Luke, which means from Lucania

Loucas (#325) – see Louca

Louis (#5) – derives from Ludwig and means famous warrior

Louison (#321) – could mean son of Louis or simply be a petform of the name Louis/Louise

Louka (#85) – see Louca

Loukas (#449) – see Louca

Mahamadou (#459) – praiseworthy, Arabic

Mamadou (#316) – newly weaned, Arabic

Marouane (#340) – rock, quartz, Arabic

Moussa (#251) – saved from the waters, Arabic

Ousmane (#475) – young serpent/snake, Arabic

Souleymane (#370) – healthy, intact, safe, Arabic

Titouan (#59) – variant of Antoine, which means flower, Greek or invaluable, Latin

Youcef (#335) – God will save, Hebrew

Younes (#105) – close to God, Hebrew

Youssef (#145) – see Youcef


Anouk (#154) – grace, Hebrew

Dounia (#237) – wealth, Arabic

Fatoumata (#214) – small camel that has just been weaned, Arabic

Leelou (#381) – variant of Lilou

Lilou (#12) – derived from the character in Luc Besson’s film The Fifth Element

Lou (#25) – short form of Lou- names

Lou-Ann (#156) – combination of the name Lou and the name Ann

Lou-Anne (#167) – variant of Lou-Ann

Louane (#29) – variant of Lou-Ann

Louann (#327) – variant of Lou-Ann

Louanne (#200) – variant of Lou-Ann

Louisa (#195) – famed warrior, Germanic

Louise (#10) – variant of Louisa

Louison (#274) – see Louison above

Louna (#19) – variant of Luna, which means moon

Lylou (#105) – see Lilou

Maimouna (#403) – happy, Arabic

Marilou (#284) – smoosh of Marie and Lou

Marylou (#291) – see Marilou

Nour (#117) – variant of Noor, which means light in Arabic

Soukaina (#486) – wellness, Arabic

Soumaya (#331) – perfect, high, Arabic

Youna (#453) – if, Celtic

Yousra (#256) – who has good character, Arabic

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Sibset of the Week: The Coombes & Dailys


I’ve covered dozens of musical families in this feature – mostly this is by pure chance since I usually stumble upon the family about a fortnight before they feature in this series of posts. This week, it’s a musical theme with a dash of voice acting squeezed in between.

Today’s main Dad is the former frontman of Supergrass, with the drummer already receiving a mention in this post. Gaz Coombes was born Gareth Michael and heralds from Oxford. Together with his partner Jools, he has two daughters:

Raya May


It’s an interesting mix of names – with the repeating sounds of Raya May and the ambiguity of Tiger; the latter name does rather remind me of E.G.Daily’s two daughters, born in the late 90s:



For those not initiated, E.G.Daily is the lady behind the voice of Tommy Pickles, one of the main characters from the TV show Rugrats.

But we’ve let ourselves get distracted. Moving back to Gaz Coombes, it’s also worth noting that his brother and fellow band mate Rob has three children with equally interesting names:




I’ve clearly been paying far too much attention to celeb-sprog sibsets, as the latter sibset rather reminds me of Wes Brown’s trio of girls in terms of the sound – something to look out for? Maybe.

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30th December

Mowgli, from The Jungle Book, from

Today’s my birthday, so to celebrate I’ve been through a list of all the famed people also born on the 30th December in search of some interesting names to provide inspiration on one of the best days of the year 🙂

Asa Griggs Candler

Ato Boldon

Bennett Miller

Chandler Burr

Concetta Tomei

Del Shannon (Charles Westover)

Dorothea Lieven

Douglas Alder ‘Doug

Eldrick Woods ‘Tiger

Émile Loubet

Janko Prunk

Jay Kay (Jason Cheetham)

Josée Verner

June Anderson

Kenyon Martin

Leon Jackson

LouisJeanFrançois Lagrenée

Meredith Vieira

Rachid Karami

Rosalind Hurley

Joseph Rudyard Kipling

Skeeter Davis (Mary Frances Penick)

Sylvester Jordan

Sylvie Moreau

I would happily use many of these names – especially Asa and Sylvie. This is also the first time I’ve come across a triple-barreled first name, aside from the ones which occasionally turn up over at Eponymia.

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Sibset of the Week: The Amroliwalas

Today’s father outside 10 Downing Street, from

The BBC News channel is my go-to channel for when I’m in the sitting room on my own, especially when I’m busy doing something else as it’s something one can tune in and out of. I am a huge supporter of the BBC in general, not least because they don’t screen adverts as they’re supported by the licence fee, which you are obliged to pay if you own a TV. This means programs run as intended, rather than being interupted every 10 minutes or so, to the point of ridiculous you get with X Factor nowadays.

Matthew Amroliwala works as a reporter/anchor for the BBC, and has four delightfully-named children:





Isn’t is startlingly refreshing to see a young ‘un wear the name Mary? Infact, this sibset does have a whiff of days gone by to it, although both Mabel and Milo are rising in popularity, whilst Louis is already there.

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Decade Snapshot 1930s/A-Z

Fry's Dainties, from

Following on from our 1920s name list, here are the top names for each letter in the US Top 1000 of 1930.

A – Arthur and Alice

B – Billy and Betty

C – Charles and Catherine

D – Donald and Dorothy

E – Edward and Elizabeth

F – Frank and Frances

G – George and Gloria

H – Harold and Helen

I – Ira and Irene

J – James and Joan

K – Kenneth and Kathleen

L – Louis and Lois

M – Marvin and Mary

N – Norman and Nancy

O – Oscar and Opal

P – Paul and Patricia

Q – Quentin and Queen

R – Robert and Ruth

S – Stanley and Shirley

T – Thomas and Thelma

U – Ulysses. No female.

V – Vernon and Virginia

W – William and Wanda

X – none.

Y – Yvonne. No male.

Z – Zane and Zelma


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Decade Snapshot 1920s/A-Z

Occasionally, I find a need to peruse some data. Here is the product of just that. I looked at the Top 1000 for the USA from 1920 and created this list. Out of the Top 1000 names on the 1920 name list, this is a list of the name that appears first with each beginning letter.

A – Arthur and Anna

B – Bernard and Betty

C – Charles and Catherine

D – Donald and Dorothy

E – Edward and Elizabeth

F – Frank and Frances

G – George and Gladys

H – Harold and Helen

I – Irving and Irene

J – John and Josephine

K – Kenneth and Katherine

L – Louis and Lillian

M – Michael and Mary

N – Norman and Norma

O – Oscar and Opal

P – Paul and Pauline

Q – Quentin and Queen

R – Robert and Ruth

S – Stanley and Sarah

T – Thomas and Thelma

U – Ulysses and Una

V – Vernon and Virginia

W – William and Willie

X – N/A

Y – Yoshio and Yvonne

Z – Zach and Zelma

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