I maintain four separate blogrolls, so here’s a quick explanation of each for you all:


The normal blogroll contains only active name blogs; I’ve decided to define active as at least one post per 3 months. If you own a name blog which isn’t listed on this blogroll, feel free to tweet me, email me (merdenomsnames [at] gmail [dot] com) or even comment below and I’ll add you in no time. If it’s dead, do the same because you’ll then qualify for the next category.


Where every blog which hasn’t had a new post in the last 3 months goes to live. I truly believe that even dead blogs have their uses, which is why I list them all for you. If a dead blog has a new published post turn up, it will be re-homed to the normal blogroll.


For every non-English language name blog.


For sites about names, which aren’t actually blogs.

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