3 Short Forms of Benjamin which aren’t Ben or Benji

British jay bird, from british-birds-in-aviculture.info

This week we’ve looked at Caroline, Florence, Victoria and Estelle. For the final day of our week I thought it best to go back to the boys and cover another popular choice – after previously covering Alfred and Sebastian – which sits pretty in the Top 50 in England&Wales right now at #22 alongside it’s short form Ben at #73.

The name Benjamin has origins in the Hebrew name Binyamin, which means son of the south. In the Old Testament was the youngest son of Jacob, who gave his son Joseph a technicolour dreamcoat.

When it comes to boys names, it’s a fact that we’re more conservative and trends so we’ll start conservative and get less so as we go down the list:

1. James/Jay

When I went to Iceland last year my group shared a hotel with another. They all had their own specially bought hoodies with, ahem, their names emblazoned on the back. In amongst the sea of Eleanors, Beatrices, Georges and rather bizarrely Horatio (there were three!) was a Jam Bam Jay. It was only during a later corridor dance off that we discovered that he was infact a Benjamin. My other nugget of name-spotting is that my friend’s boyfriend is a Jay, but his passport gives away the game – he was born a James but prefers to go through life as a Jay.

In this rather twisted way we get to our first suggestion. James is inspired by the jam section of Benjamin but you could alternately condense it to Jay for a less popular pick if that’s your aim with a nickname, since James sits at #10 whilst Jay sits at #117.

2. Bam/Baz

The story above neatly leads us onto name number to this suggestion, but if Bam isn’t your style a slight alteration leads us to Baz. Generally speaking, Baz has seen most of his use as a short form for Sebastian, however I do see some potential for him as a short form of Benjamin.

Neither of them rank in England&Wales, but Sebastian does rank at #58.

3. Mino/Meno/Meeno

The name of a book by Plato is Meno and the half-brother of Soleil Moon Frye is a Meeno. There is a Dutch name, Menno and the German name Meino both of which derive from the name Meine, a name coming from the Germanic word magan, meaning strength.

There’s also the Iranian name Minoo, which means paradise or heaven in Persian. However you spell it, non of them rank in England&Wales.

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2 thoughts on “3 Short Forms of Benjamin which aren’t Ben or Benji

  1. Poppy Seeds

    I find Jay a remarkably nice nickname for Benjamin, I’m surprised I haven’t thought of it myself.


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