Is Caprice Such a Bad Name?

It always upsets me to see a name given grief by others, and the name Caprice is one which more often than not I find negative comments about, as opposed to positive ones.

The thing is, maybe with Caprice it’s a case of because I happen to know a girl with the name (who happens to be one of the nicest people going), I feel somewhat obliged to defend her name.

It’s also because I can relate with the name, as I’m quite an impulsive person  by nature, and Caprice happens to mean impulse/whim.

Much of the negative commentary on the name is on the meaning, and it got me thinking, especially since I don’t particularly see my own impulsiveness as a really bad thing, more something that is a relatively positive part of personality as long as it’s not a continuous thing.

Is it bad that the name Caprice is closely linked to the characteristic of impulsiveness?

We can’t ignore the fact that there are plenty of word names out there which allude to potentially worse personality traits, and even some ‘proper’ names, such as the wonderful twosome of Jacob and James, who both mean supplanter.

Too much impulsiveness is certainly a bad thing, but having too much hope can lead to big disappointment, yet 313 girls were given the name Hope in England&Wales in 2011, as opposed to the 8 who were given the name Caprice.

One drawback many seem to have is the name’s association with the model Caprice, but it seems like a trivial tidbit when you think that you’re stopping yourself potentially using a name you like because someone else also has the name.

Then again, we have to narrow down the long list somehow, don’t we?

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2 thoughts on “Is Caprice Such a Bad Name?

  1. We have a car called the Holden Caprice, which is unfortunately what I think of first, as it is a very common car and been in production a long time.

    Caprice is also a musical term, meaning “a lively piece of music”; Tchaikovsky wrote a piece called “Italian Caprice” which I’ve very fond of. So that’s the second thing I think of.

    The third thing I think of is the novel by camp writer Ronald Firbank: for some reason I’ve never quite been able to get into Firbank. I feel as if I wade through pages and pages of rather showing-off dialogue, and before anything happens, the book’s over. But I know he has some sincere fans.

    Anyway, it seems like a rather nice and unusual name, with a pretty meaning.


  2. Smallgood

    My cousin’s name is Caprice. I like it, but I think she was named after the car. She goes by the nickname Cappy which is suitable, but not as fanciful a sound as Caprice.


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