Spot of the Week: Bell Ringing & Bond

A friend of mine is very much into church bell ringing, and tired of constantly having no idea what he was saying I decided to do what everyone these days does when confused: I asked google.

To be honest, I’m still no expert but things are starting to fall in to place for me. Did you know that 12 bells are called Maximus?

That’s my tenuous link to names.

Come back in a few weeks and I might be able to impart further wisdom on bell ringing.

I went along to watch the newest Bond film finally on Wednesday, and woah! ’tis pretty awesome. One of the Bond girls in the film bears the name Sévérine, whilst the other is called Eve – and then a lovely Scottish bloke turns up with the name Kincade.

Another fun fact to mention is that Dame Judi Dench (who plays M) has one daughter, who just so happens to bear Cressida as a middle name.

This week’s pictures are of some free sunglasses I was handed recently, which just so happen to have Sakura emblazoned upon their side.

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