It’s time to inject another bout of sport into the blog, by way of the name Juventas.

It may not be immediately obvious to those who don’t follow European football, but today we’re referencing an Italian team by the name of Juventus F.C. who are based in Turin.

Often nicknamed Juve, Juventus is one of the oldest professional footballing clubs in Italy. It seems fair therefore that it has links to the oldest professional club in world – Notts County, which is my team; a team celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year. Notts County also has the prestige of being the club who has moved the most between divisions in the Football League – with 13 promotions and 15 relegations. Our most recent movement was in 2010, when we were promoted up to League One.

Going back to what links the two clubs together, at the beginning of the 20th century, the club were looking for a new strip to play in, and just so happened to a man named John Savage, who asked his mate back in Nottingham – a Notts County supporter – who duly sent over our strip.

Ever since, Juventus have played in a black and white striped shirts.

When Juventus moved to their new ground in 2011, they played an exhibition match with Notts County in September that year. As Notts county is celebrating their 150th birthday this year,

Both Juventus and Juventas derive from the Latin word iuventas, which means youth, time of youth.

Whilst Juventus is the name of a football club, Juventas is the name of a goddess from Roman Mythology: she was the goddess of youth, and is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hebe.

Now, time for a downer. There is also the possibility that the names are related to the English word juvenile, which does dampen the appeal of the name somewhat.

Nevertheless, she’s a quirky, somewhat sporty pick that Chelsea was once upon a time. And that rocks.

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