7 Unexpected -er Names

I realise that I’ve been missing recently, and I apologise about that. Turns out moving many miles down south steals all your time and I’ve only just started to get things sorted out.

The list this time looks into names ending -er, but more specifically ones that you may not have come across before – because isn’t it always so nice to hear about new names?

1. Gwener

A Welsh pick to start us off, which comes from the Welsh word for Friday: Dydd Gwener. Despite looking like it might have something to do with lovely Gwen, it actually derives from the Latin phrase die Veneris, which means the day of Venus.

2. Jeniver

Like a weird crossbreed of Jennifer and Oliver, but with a bit more back story to her – so it’s totally ok to like her. She’s an almost obsolete name for juniper. Thus, with Juniper finding favour as a name right now, it’s worth considering Jeniver.

3. Peller

Another one of those Cornish word names we seem to really be digging, he means enchanter.

4. Papaver

A nod back to our post last week on Poppy, as this name derives from the Latin word papaver, which means poppy.

5. Semper

In Latin, the word semper means always, forever.

6. Solifer

Another Latin word name, this time meaning sun-bringer.

7. Stellifer

We love Stella, so what about Stellifer? The names relate to each other in meaning, but derive from slightly different Latin words: Stella comes from stella and means star; Stellifer comes from stellifer and means bearing stars.

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One thought on “7 Unexpected -er Names

  1. Dearest

    I love Solifer, but I have to admit I prefer it for a boy. There’s also Florifer which I’m not sure a boy would like being called, so it’s on the girls list. Solifera would be for a girl.
    Dulcifer, Ensifer and Frugifer are also on my list of boys names.
    Frugifera, Theifera, Caelifera, Dulcifera and Florifera are on the girls list. I guess I should add Ensifera to the girls list and Theifer and Caelifer to the boys list ^^
    Stellifer as well, it’s pretty interesting. Stellifera would be nice as well.

    I would love Juniver if it didn’t remind me so much of Jennifer.
    I’m not too fond of the -er ending for girls, I think most of the -er ending names sound too masculine. Papaver would be nice for a boy.
    Looking through my girls list, the only ones I love for girls ending in -er that aren’t flat out word names are Demeter, Emer, Greer, Esther, Rumer, Minver, Imber and Hester.
    Vesper, Ember, Flower, Clover, November, Remember, River, Sunflower, Vetiver, Whisper, Wildflower, Winter, Cinder, Cornflower, Dulcimer, Easter and Ever are the word names I’m talking about, but I would only actually use a handful of them 🙂


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