Sibset of the Week: The Evanses

Summer 2012 billboard, from

If you’ve no idea who the Go Compare man is, I envy you. He’s been the bane of many-a-Brit’s life since he appeared in the first advert for Go Compare in 2009. Apparently the annoying tenor is named Gio Compario, as a play on the name of the character. The most recent advert was no doubt enjoyed by many as it involved former Brit tennis sensation Sue Barker firing a missile at Mr. Compario. The billboard adverts looks like that above, seemingly vandalised by your local spray-painting yob but more likely to have been vandalised by the company itself as part of the campaign.

Gio Compario’s real name is the very Welsh Wynne Evans, and he has a wife called Tanwen with whom he has two children with lovely names:



For those interested, the name Ismay is an old variation of Esme, whereas Taliesin is a classic Welsh name that means shining bow.

Another equally interesting name in the family is that of Tanwen’s sister, who is called Eos. The name Eos was worn by the Greek goddess of dawn. Eos Chater is a member of a string quartet, and her fellows bandmates are called Elspeth, Tania and Gay-Yee. Things get even more interesting because Gay-Yee Westerhoff had a son called Ulysses back in January 2012.

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2 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Evanses

  1. Love his children’s names – how pretty is Taliesin – but this man needs to disappear from my tv.


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