Yesterday, I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the rehearsal for the opening ceremony, which means I’m one of the 120,000 or so Brits currently a part of what has to be one of the best kept secrets going right now.

And no, I’m not going to tell 🙂

What I wanted to talk about is some naming inspirations from the day, the first one being Osama – which is the name of the guy sat on my left-hand side. The majority of ticket holders were volunteers for the Olympics and Paralympics, like myself, and since we were all only offered one ticket, many of us had come alone. Therefore, before the pre-show I found myself amicably chatting with all the people around me, and Osama was by far the friendliest. And who says Londoners are rude?

But many think of the late Mr. bin Laden when they hear the name.

The name Osama is of Arabic origins, and means lion.

One of the best things about the Olympics is that everyone who is anyone wears accreditation with their full name emblazoned on the front, and yes, I kept my eyes wide open to try and catch them all, which demonstrated a wide demographic. Here are some of the more interesting names:

Arsen – armenian form of Arsenios, which means virile in greek

Melik – variant of the arabic male name Malik, which means king

Vardan – armenian male name meaning rose

Xiang – chinese name meaning to soar, lucky or fragrant

If you’re not at all enthralled by the Olympics (I know I wouldn’t be as interested if I’d not headbutted my way into the fun), the names are worth some interest. I’m almost excited to get on ticket-scanning duty to name spot.

Need I ask whether you’re more excited by the sport or the names?

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3 thoughts on “#savethesurprise

  1. Awkward Turtle

    Yeah, I love the sport, all the running and jumping and throwing. Um. Fun.

    The Jamaican runners have interesting names though, Usain St. Leo, Yohan and Asafa.


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  3. I do enjoy watching the Games themselves, especially track and field. Unfortunately, they tend to televise sports where Australia tends to do well, so they often only show events that we have a chance of winning.

    I don’t feel I can do as much name-spotting for my blog though, as it’s meant to be Australian names only, so I kind of miss out on discussing all these interesting exotic names, unless they manage to connect themselves to Australia in some way.


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