Lithuanian Loves

Lithuania’s Eurovision symbol featuring the national flag

When you ask someone to name their favourite European country as a source of names, no doubt they typically say France, Italy – or may even be a tad cheeky and simply say England.

Few immediately think of the fair country of Lithuania, which is the largest of the Baltic states. It also happens to be home to a rather successful basketball team, and hosts EuroBasket 2011. Now, basketball is not a popular sport by any means here but GB was in the same group as Lithuania for EuroBasket. We didn’t get through the group stages, but that doesn’t really surprise me. However, I did go to school with a guy who has gone on to become professional player.

Now, I personally know a total of two people of Lithuanian background. One is called Laura; the other is called Minvydas.

The latter name is interesting, because he’s a tricky name to find. In Lithuania, Minvydas has his name day on both the 7th April and 6th May. He could be related to Mindaugas, another Lithuanian name, and the min- part they share possibly meaning to remember. If anyone out there has any brighter, more plausible ideas feel free to mention it below.

However, there are plenty of other Lithuanian names where the meaning is clearer:


Aras, means eagle

Augustas, Lituanian form of Augustus

Bronius, short form of Bronislovas

Dovydas, Lithuanian form of David

Gabrielius, Lithuanian form of Gabriel

Giedrius, means serene, calm

Gintaras, means amber

Gvidas, Lithuanian form of Guido

Ignas, Lithuanian form of Ignatius

Jonas, Lithuanian form of John

Juozas, Lithuanian form of Joseph

Kazimeras, Lithuanian form of Casimir

Kestutis, means to cope

Leonas, Lithuanian form of Leon

Matas, Lithuanian form of Matthew

Mindaugas, means either much wisdom or much fame

Nojus, Lithuanian form of Noah

Petras, Lithuanian form of Peter

Viltautas, means hope of the people/nation

Visvaldas, Lithuanian form of Vivaldis

Voldemaras, Lithuanian form of Waldemar (not Voldemort 😉 )


Audra, means storm

Daina, means song

Estera, Lithuanian form of Esther (also Polish&Slovak)

Gabija, Lithuanian goddess of the fire and home

Ieva, Lithuanian form of Eva

Jadvyga, Lithuanian form of Hedwig

Kotryna, Lithuanian form of Katherine

Laima, means luck

Milda, Lithuanian goddess of love

Ona, Lithuanian form of Anna

Rasa, means dew

Vaivora, Lithuanian goddess of the planet Mercury

Vakarine, Lithuanian goddess of the evening star

Of course, this is only a small selection of names in use in Lithuania. Nook of Names covered the Top 10 last year that’s worth a look if you have the time.

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One thought on “Lithuanian Loves

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned Vaivora! She was on the list I had before my computer crashed, and I haven’t found her again until now, reading her here I remember I loved her. She’s amazingly beautiful! Thank you 🙂


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