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Remember how a few months ago I covered 6 girls names used 6 times in England&Wales 2010, and then 8 boys names along similar lines. Well, logically speaking this is the next step on in this so-called-apparent-series and we’re aiming to boost the number of lads name being covered on this blog at the same time; happiness all ’round.


Another one of the dapper boys, there’s a well-known presenter-come-comic called Clive Anderson here in the UK, whom I’ve seen comment on the fact that some often pronounce his name CLEEV, not KLIEV. The name itself comes from the surname and means cliff.


A lesser-used Biblical choice, which mean my god is help. A character with this name turns up in the Old Testament, where he is one of the sons of Moses. T


The Hebrew form of the name Gabriel, which ranks at #78 in England&Wales for the same year. The name means strong man of God and it’s worth talking about the French at this point; I have a male French friend named Gabriel, who pronounced his name the same as we would Gabrielle.


The first name of the famed Lord Nelson, which possibly may derives from the Latin hora, means time, hour, season. We’ve previously covered the name, here.


The name Lionel is the French version of Leon (and also Léon), a name which ranked at #60 in 2010 and is also experiencing relative popularity right now – and so is Leo come to think of it (he’s at #36, up 106 places since 2000).


Similar name Bradley ranked at #100 in 2010, but Radley here has the added bonus of being a literary pick, courtesy of To Kill A Mockingbird. It was also originally a locational surname, meaning the red clearing.


A Japanese name meaning either love or lotus, and he remains relatively popular over in Japan as a male name, although the name is unisex. A side note on Wren: it’s used pretty much equally for girls and boys here in England&Wales, with 6 boys and 8 girls given Wren as a first name in 2010.


I sit on the fence when it comes to the gender of this name. The name originally came about as the Russian short form of Aleksandr or Aleksandra, but has translated into the English-speaking world as a mostly female name – as a female name, Sasha ranks at #204 in England&Wales.


The name of the famed French footballer, who has made an appearance in the Sibset posts before. The name Zinedine is of Arabic origins, and likely means beauty of the faith.

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