Weekend Post: Names We Grow Up With

from chartstats.com

I’ve been clearing out shelves and all manner of drawers of late, and that’s thrown up a couple of old possessions. And with old possessions comes a shower of thoughts about names. Two names that were thrown up both date from my childhood in the initial usage I found them in, but both are starting to be considered rather fashionable choices these days.


Anyone remember the Cha Cha Slide? I’d completely forgotten about the craze surrounding the song until I found my copy last night. he song hit UK airwaves in 2004, and I could proclaim that I still remember the moved, but then again, the lyrics chanted out what you were supposed to do. I remember this song always being a hit at school disco, and I had a friend mention to me today that it was playing at the club he was in last night.

The man behind it was known as DJ Casper, but Casper wasn’t his name, Willie Perry Jr. was. That said, Casper is increasingly popular these days. The highest ranking spelling of his name is Kacper at #171, whereas Casper is at #364 and Caspar at #678.

Casper is the Dutch and Scandinavian form of Jasper, which means treasurer in Persian.


I went to primary school with two girls named Louisa, yes, two. Call it luck of the draw if you want, but here’s the stats: in 1996, Louisa ranked higher than she does today; at #187 in 1996, 7 places higher than Florence, compared to #253 in 2010. Of course, we could only speculate about the years before 1996, since we only have the Top 100, but what we do know is that from 1996, Louisa rose to #175 in 1998, and then dropped to #211 in 1999.

Louisa is the female form of Louis, which is hugely popular in England&Wales for boys right now: Louis is at #69, Louie at #74 and Lewis at #27. The name means famous warrior.

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