Predictions For the 2012 Data

The 2012 data for England&Wales will be out on Monday, so it feels time to put together some of my predictions for how the new list will shake out when it hits the headlines next week. Rather frustratingly, I’ll be at work when the list is released at about 9:30am so my write up will likely have to wait until Monday night – boo!

The Top Names:

Harry & Amelia

– Both are popular enough to last another year at the top

Top 10 Changes:

Lily will overtake Olivia

– Both are super popular, but the way Lily has been racing up the charts in the past few years she seems popular enough to take the #2 spot. It’s worth noting that she was individually the #1 name in Wales in 2011.

Riley will enter the boys Top 10

– From 2010 to 2011 the number of boys given the name Riley rose from 2690 to 4226, so suffice to say he’s hugely popular right now.

Top 100 Drop Outs: 

Caitlin, Tia, Lauren, Keira

Reece, Ben, Kyle, Bailey

Top 100 New Entrants:

Darcey, Alexis, Lois, Sara, Violet

Seth, Sonny, Rory

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One thought on “Predictions For the 2012 Data

  1. Awkward Turtle

    I hope Lois and Seth get int the top 100, they’re great names. And I look forward to your write up!


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