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Weekend Post: Mumsnet

Just a pretty French fountain

Ever heard of Mumsnet? Some call it one of the most influential sites here in the UK – the politicians were all clambering over each other in a race to interact with the mums there.

Well, the other day I stumbled across a topic with one mum asking what’s the most unusual name you love? Here are their answers, most of which are given with meaning, unless they’re a word name or I simply don’t know:

Airibeloved jasmine (Japanese)

Andromedato think of a man (Greek)

Ariasong, melody, air (Italian)


Bellatrixfemale warrior (Latin)

Blythehappy (Old English)

Boyciewood (Old French)

Calypsoshe that conceals (Greek)

Ciarblack (Irish)

Clemencymercy (English)

Clothildafamed battle (Germanic)


Cyrusfar-sighted, young (Greek)

Darwin dear friend (Old English)

Deccaten (Latin)

Desdemonaill-fated (Greek)


Eppie – diminuative of either Hepzhibah or Euphemia



Hebeyouth (Greek)

Hepzhibahmy delight is in her (Hebrew)

Hermia – feminine form of Hermes


Icabodno glory (Hebrew)

Iolantheviolet (Greek)

Isisthrone (Egyptian, possibly)

Kit – short for Katherine or Christopher

Lena nn Lenny

Lolita – nickname for Delores

Lysanderrelease of a man (Greek)



Misha – Russian diminuative of Mikhail

Mnemememory (Greek)




Perditalost (Latin)


Pier – Dutch form of Peter

Posy – nickname for Josephine

Ptolemywarlike (Greek)


Ramseywild garlic island (Old English)

Saulasked for (Hebrew)



Struanstream (Gaelic)

Tikvahhope (Hebrew)

Torrenchief (Irish Gaelic)

Vitalife (Latin)

Wolfgangwolf path (Germanic)

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Sibset of the Week: The Morrises and The Lumsdens

Mel Giedroyc, from

I’ve mentioned The Great British Bake Off more times than really healthy on this blog, heck, I mentioned it in last week’s Sibset post. So, we’re going to slightly rectify that by again talking about two families, with one having no relation whatsoever to the aforementioned show.

But, let’s start with it. The show was presented by comedy duo Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc. We’ve previously mention another half of a female comedy duo, Jennifer Saunders, in this feature in November 2011. Her set of three daughters had a rather sweetly vintage feel to them, as does Mel’s own two daughters with husband Ben Morris:



We’re sticking with the slightly vintage feel, but swapping to boys names with our second sibet. Both parents, Richard Lumsden and Sophie Thompson, are in the acting game. To the international audience, Sophie is probably best known for either playing Lydia in Four Weddings and a Funeral or Mafalda in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. To her home audience, her part as Stella Crawford in Eastenders will likely be your first thought – if you watch soaps that is (and I don’t).

Either way, they couple have two sons:

Ernie James

Walter Eric

I couldn’t help but wonder if the nod to comedy duo Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise was intended. I’d certainly like to think so.

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