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Spot of the Week: Jubilee Weekend

You may be wondering where I was yesterday and why I didn’t post this yesterday (although with the magic of blogging, this post will appear to have been posted on Sunday, as it should have been). I was in London, sadly not stood in the rain waving a Union Flag enthusiastically in the rain. I’m just not that into the whole concept of getting soaking wet. Where was I?


Games Maker Training HQ

Yes, I am now officially volunteering during the Olympics, well, strictly speaking I’m on Paralymic duty, but I’m still chuffed to bits because I’ll be hanging out at the Olympic Stadium itself. Fun fact: My Dad is at the Olympic Stadium to volunteer during the frickin’ Opening Ceremony. Jealous.

But anyway, it’s almost a good thing I held off until today to talk names because I have plenty to talk about.

First up, on the way to the Olympic Park last night to meet up with my Dad, I shared the tube train with several sodden Brits who had braved the weather. One particular family caught my eye because they’d obviously come prepared with spare jumpers. The name of the two kids? Bernie and Teddie. I can’t confirm as to whether they are Bernie and Teddie or Bernard and Theodore, but either way kudos to the parents, I love their names.

At my actual training day event thingie, I was sat between a  20-something Ruby and a Christos. Both were Uni students, one studing medicine, the other finance. A word on Ruby though, she was a Chinese girl I believe, and Ruby is just her English name. Her real name? Lok. It reminded me of my sister’s Chinese friend, and her English name is Yoyo.

Oh, and one of the less enjoyable parts of the day was that I tackled the M1 for the first time, ever. Normally I take the train to London, but since I’ve just recently passed my driving exam, the motorway was my method of travel. For those not familiar with the whole driving licence scheme is the UK, it boils down to this:

  • Age 17, one can apply for a provisional licence, which allows you to drive with an ‘L’ plate.
  • With a provisional licence you cannot drive on the motorway (which are the big daddies of the road system) and you must be accompanied by someone over 21 years of age, who has held their licence for more than 3 years.
  • If you pass driving an automatic, you can only drive an automatic, i.e. your licence does not allow for you to drive a manual. If you pass driving a manual (like me, woop!) then you can drive both.
  • You must pass the driving theory test before sitting the practical driving test.
  • Once you’ve passed, it is optional to display ‘P’ plate, which signals that you’ve only just passed your test. It’s like a call for other drivers to play nice, as you’re still new to the road.

What this has to do with names is that I passed in a Vauxhall Corsa, so have naturally been thinking about the name Corsa? Yes, it’s the name of a car, but it reminds me of sweetly Cora. I may be tooting an unconvinced audience, but it made me ponder for thought.

As for pictures, I joyfully introduce you to the name of two London Underground/Overground stops, one is for ye who likes place names-with-an-x-in them:

Hoxton Overground Station

The other is for those who secretly crush on the name Dolly:

Dollis Hill Underground Station

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Princess Merida, from

Ariel and Jasmine are the classic examples of names which can both attribute some of their popularity to a Disney film. Logically speaking, therefore, upcoming Disney films could feature future starlets of the name world.

And the most recent release of Tangled has shown just that – the male lead character was called Flynn. Well, nicknamed Flynn for Eugene. At the same time, the Disney Channel Original Series Good Luck Charlie is about to welcome child no.5. The names of the currently four of them are:

  • ‘PJ’
  • ‘Teddie’
  • Gabriel ‘Gabe’
  • Charlotte ‘Charlie’

Teddie is female, and I’m fairly certain it’s short for something; I haven’t the foggiest what, though. As for the name of no.5, if I’m honest, none of the names on the poll really stood out for me when I went to cast my vote, but here are the ones in contention:

  • Sydney
  • Erika
  • Mallory
  • Talia
  • Jenny
  • Noah
  • Jonah
  • Bobby Jr.
  • Bo

Wreck-it Ralph is due to be released in November 2012, featuring the eponymous character and there’s a fellow character called Fix-It Felix. Ralph and Felix? Both names I’m hearing more and more often, so Disney could be bang on here. For England&Wales in 2010, the names ranked at:

  • Ralph – #258 (2009 ranking: #294)
  • Felix – #122 (2009 ranking: #122)

Ralph comes from Old Norse roots, and means wolf counsel, whilst Felix is well-known for meaning lucky in Latin.

Moving closer to now we get to The Secret World of Arrietty is yet another take on the classic tale of The Borrowers. It was actually released in Japan in 2010, but is due to be released by Disney in the US at the start of 2012. Other members of the Clock family include Pod, Homily and Peagreen. According to the Disney page, it’s AIR-ee-ett-ee, and one could presume that neatly side-steps the issue Harriet and Harry seem to suffer in the States – that being people pronouncing it as they do hairy. One set of parents from 16 and Pregnant have recently welcomed child no. 2, a daughter: Arri.

As much as I loved The Borrowers when I was a kid, the film I’m really looking forward to? Brave. The lead character is to be a redhead, so it can only do wonders for my kind. I did initially believe that the lead female was called Brave, but alas, she’s actually called Merida. Sounds rather mythical, but the film really gets down to choosing whimsical Scottish-esque names when it comes to most of the other already-announced characters:

  • Fergus
  • Elinor
  • Angus
  • Harris
  • Hubert
  • Hamish

I tip my hat to ye Disney. All perfectly wonderful names. But something we should not forget is that Disney don’t just make films for theatrical release, they make plenty for their TV channels, which remain full of inspiration. Frenemies is due to be aired in January 2012,  names from which includes:

  • Avalon
  • Halley
  • Kendall
  • Cherie

Both Geek Charming and Lemonade Mouth have already been released this year, so aren’t upcoming releases per se, but there are some names featured in them which are worth a mention; from the film Geek Charming:

  • Dylan (female)
  • Asher
  • Lola
  • Ari (male)

Ari, Arri and Arrietty in one post from three different sources? It’s certainly not a trend I’d have intended to mention. I guess it makes sense, for me, given the immense popularity of similar sounding Harry and Harriet here in England&Wales – both are Top 100. I guess this is yet another potential trend for me to keep an eye on.

And some names from Lemonade Mouth (which has an upcoming sequel):

  • Wendell ‘Wen’ (male)
  • Mohini ‘Mo’ (female)

To be honest, if I’d seen only the nicknames and had been told one was male and the other female, I’d have guessed the opposite to what they actually are. Does that qualify Wen and Mo for our Girlish Nicknames on Boys post? It probably does.

As a final thought, the Disney Channel Original Series, Shake It Up, has an upcoming film in the works, thus the names of it’s characters qualify for this post:

  • Cecelia ‘Cece’
  • Raquel ‘Rocky’
  • Flynn (brother of Cece)
  • Ty (brother of Rocky)
  • Tinka

All very modern-mama sounding names, and it’s yet another mention of Flynn. Something that has to be said, though, is that Flynn fell between 2009 and 2010: from #216 to #289. It will be interesting to see next year’s list to see where he’s heading next.

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Weekend Post: Boyish Nicknames For Girls

Frankie Sandford, from

This weeks musings were sparked off after I went to pick my littlest sister up from her childminders this week, and they seem to fit nicely with this week’s accidently theme of nicknames. See, a new lad started at my sister’s childminders this week. A new lad named Lou. Just Lou. To be honest, I find myself not particularly bothered by this occurence. I know that the name I introduce myself to the world as has historically been used more for males, even if we Europeans are rushing to flip that coin, even before Heidi Klum got in on the act back in 2008 when she welcomed her own Lou Sulola. It’s part of a growing trend of boyish nicknames on girls, though. In the case of Lou, 5 girls were given the name in England&Wales last year, whilst less than 3 boys were given the name. Of course, when it comes to longer forms, Louis (#69) is certainly more popular than Louise (#208), but not as popular (yay!) as Lucy (#21).

Frankie Cocozza has really been trying to tarnish the chances his name has of ever re-entering the Top 100 of late. This week he was kicked off X Factor for pushing the limits, so now seems a good time to talk about boyish nicknames on girls. Back in June, Anna reported that Australian swimmer had welcomed a daughter named Frankie, sister to Stella and Rocco. Frankie is a great name to mention in this post, since the male and female rankings are one of the closest in terms of male nicknames picking up momentum for females. For the males, Frankie ranks at #108 and slips down to #191 for females. This could be a girlband thing, since The Saturdays has a member called Frankie Sandford, even if it’s short for Francesca in her case. Personally, I still remember her from her S Club Juniors days, which just shows my age more than anything because I remember watching them being formed on the CBBC show S Club Search back in 2001. To be honest, people probably only began to take note of this Frankie once The Saturdays emerged in 2008, when Frankie ranked at a still respectable #306 for females and #137 for males. For the sake of completetion, Francesca currently [2010] ranks at #102 with Frances trailing a little behind at #521. I actually have a friend named Frances who hates her name and goes instead by her middle name of Nicole; personally, I actually quite like the name Frances, not that I’d admit that to her face.

Another tidbit to add into the discussion that may interest you all is the startling fact that Stevie ranks at #608 for females, and #1551 for males. The name Steve ranks the same as Stevie for males, which is even more baffling, especially when you consider the success of their long forms: Stephen ranks at #217 and Steven at #245. Then there’s the Beau/Belle conundrum – where Beau (#351) ranks higher than Belle (#463) for females in England&Wales. I’m not sure I can explain how that’s happened, given the popularity of Bell(e/a) names at the moment thanks to Twilight.

Lily Allen, daughter of actor Keith Allen, recently retired from her relatively short-lived pop career which brought us such hits as Smile and The Fear; she has a little sister named Teddie, who was born in 2006. There’s also a female Teddie in my littlest sister’s favourite TV show: Good Luck Charlie. For those not in the know, Teddie is the second eldest of four children, with her three siblings being called: ‘PJ’, Gabriel ‘Gabe’ and Charlotte ‘Charlie’. The other three all go by nicknames, so by this logic, Teddie must be a short form of something, but it’s never been revealed on the show, according to Google. Generally speaking, when it comes to males, Teddie is short for Theodore so the missing full name we’re looking for could simply be Theodora. That just doesn’t fit, though. Speaking of Disney shows, there’s another one called Shake It Up which features a girl named Raquel, but nicknamed Rocky.

Ronnie ranks at #683 for females as well, and this could be attributed to the Eastenders character, who became embroiled in a controversial baby-napping storline earlier on this year. Ronnie Branning was born as Veronica Elizabeth, however, and is the elder sister to Roxanne Lizette ‘Roxy’, making them a rather oddly named sibset to me. One with traditional sounding names, one with more modern sounding names – but maybe that was the intention? I wouldn’t know, I avoid Soap Operas on principle. Back at the beginning of October there was also a couple on Million Pound Drop called Teri and Terry. It’s also a good moment to mention that Rory has certainly not been embraced as a female name here in England&Wales – only 3 females were given the name in 2010, compared to 456 males. I do believe Rory was in the USA Top 1000 in both 2008 and 2009, before dropping out in 2010. Then again, Rory isn’t technically a nickname, he means red king in Irish.

To conclude, yes, people are naming their daughters male nicknames, and in some cases it can work, and in some cases it may not. I reckon I suffer from slight bias when it comes to this area, so I turn to you dear readers. How do you feel about the subject? Boyish nicknames for longer girly names? Or just boyish nicknames full stop for females?

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