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Sibset of the Week: The Shentall-Lees



Thought I’d try the vaguely topical thing this week, by choosing a celeb who has given one of their children a name vaguely related to Christmas. It’s a tenuous link, but

This week’s mama is Lisa Scott-Lee, famed in the British Isles for her time as part of the band Steps, which this year reunited. I remember Steps being huge when I was young, but alas, could not get excited about their reunion as some did.

In 2004, Lisa married Johnny Shentall, who is also of notable fame for being a member of Hear’Say, a band formed from the UK’s first series of Popstars, which ultimately all ended in tears. Incidentally, the following series produced the immensely successful and popular girl band Girls Aloud who have recently made a comeback following a hiatus. I actually saw Girls Aloud perform live on Strictly a few weeks back.

Going back to Lisa, with her husband, Johnny, she has two children:

Jaden Anthony, 2008

Star Lily, 2009

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Weekend Post: So Lucky

Moldova's 2011 Eurovisoin Entry - So Lucky byZdob&Zdub, with accompanying trumpet playing fairy on unicycle.

Greetings friends, my Saturday evening was filled with the joy that is Eurovision, did my fellow continent dwellers enjoy it? I voted for Moldova, since it was in the true spirit of Eurovision, and it appears my fellow Brits agreed, since we awarded them 8 points, at which point our commentator, Graham Norton, told us off for not taking it seriously…and then we gave our 12 to Jedward of Ireland. As for the winners, twas’ Azerbaijan – a country in Asia.

But let’s get onto the point ofour post. The title of the Moldova song was So Lucky, and that got me thinking, what are some names which mean lucky?




Felicty/ Felicitas






Symbols of Luck:





Scarab (beetle)



Japanese Mythology have the Seven Lucky Gods:

  1. Hotei
  2. Jurojin
  3. Fukurokuju
  4. Bishamonten
  5. Benzaiten
  6. Daikokuten
  7. Ebisu
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