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Sibset of the Week: The Idowus & Chambers


You know what? I completely forgot to do a Sibset post last week, so expect double the fun this week. This time around, we’re talking about the names of the children of two track and field athletes who competed for Team GB at London 2012.

First up is Phillips Idowu, a triple jumper. He was one of the face of the Games and a high hope for a field medal. Of course, injury stopped him from qualifying for the final.

He has two children:



Dwain Chambers is possibly an even more controversial athlete than Idowu because back in the day, if you received a drug ban, you couldn’t compete for Team GB at the Olympics. That’s what happened to Chambers and although he fought to compete at Beijing 2008, he ended up losing that battle. Come London 2012, he again pushed to compete and won. In the 100m semi-finals, he ran in the lane next to Bolt and came 4th.

With his partner Leonie Daley, he has two sons:



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Sibset of the Week: The Richies

The Moon’s reunited with their son, from

I don’t watch any soaps, and never have, but even I couldn’t escape the outrage earlier on this year about the controversial plot surrounding Ronnie of Eastenders, who lost her newborn son to cot death. She responded by swapping her dead baby with that of the Moon’s new son and thus the baby-swapping storyline hit headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Shane Richie plays Alfie Moon in Eastenders, and is often cited as being one of the reasons his name, Alfie, has risen suddenly to the top of the boys chart. Alfie Moon was born Alfred William and first appeared on Eastenders in 2002. He left in 2005, and then returned again in 2010. His son, Tommy, was born on the same day as Ronnie’s son James.

But back to Shane Richie, who married Christie Anne Goddard in 2007. Together they have one son, followed by two daughters:

Mackenzie Blue

Lolita Bell

Romani-Skye Angel Shelley

When I first saw the names, I mistakenly believed him to have three daughters, but alas, Mackenzie is a lad and was born in 2006, a year after J.K.Rowling welcomed her daughter, Mackenzie.

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