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Sibsets of the Week: The Windsors & Lewises

Lady Davina Lewis & Gary Lewis from

This week, we’re delving into the names of some of the members of the extended Royal family.

First up we have the children of Alexander, Earl of Ulster, who is currently #22 in the line of succession. He is the eldest of the Duke of Gloucester’s three children, and only son.

In 2002, he married Claire Booth and together they’ve welcomed two children:

Xan Richard Anders, Lord Culloden (b. 2007)

Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra (b. 2010)

It is worth noting that the Earl of Ulster’s full name is Alexander Patrick Gregors Richard Windsor, so it’s interesting to see him use variations of Alexander (Xan & Alexandra) for his two children.

Of course, Alexandra is a popular name in the Royal family, not least because it is one of the Queen’s own middle names. Indeed, Queen Victoria herself reigned under her middle name, when her first name was in fact Alexandrina.

Moving a few spots lower on the line of succession, we get to Lady Davina Lewis, one of the Earl of Ulster’s younger sisters.

She married a New Zealander by the name of Gary Lewis and they have also welcomed two children:

Senna Kowhai (b. 2010)

Tāne Mahuta (b. 2012)

Now, we have mentioned Senna beforehand, but this is my first mention of her new baby brother who was born earlier on this year.


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Alternative Botanical Choices to Lily, Violet and Rose

We all love Lily, Violet et al, and so to honour my rediscovered love of Rose, we’re going to delve into the depths of the world of all things botanical. Not a Lily nor Rose will be present on this list, because that would just be obvious.

A- Adair, Amaryllis, Aster

B- Briar, Bryony

C- Calendula, Camellia, Cassia, Clover, Cosmos

D- Dara (A male name in Ireland, Dara Ó Briain is an example), Dahlia

F-, Fern/Ferne/Fearne, Flora

H- Hadassah, Hana

I- Ianthe, Iris

J- Jonquil, Juniper

K- Kiri

L- Laurel, Leilani, Linnea

M- Magnolia, Mimosa

N- Neriette

P- Peony, Pomeline

R- Rowan, Rush

S- Senna, Shoshannah, Sorrel

T- Tamarind, Tamaris, Tansy

V- Verbena, Veronica

Z- Zizanie

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