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The Top 100 Analysis

The Rising Names


New Entrants to the Top 10

There was only one new entrant to the Top 10 for the girls  this year, with Poppy racing up 6 places to #7, replacing the once-darling of the flower world: Lily, who falls to #12.

As for the boys, Oscar races into the Top 10 to sit at #7, whilst George sneaks back in at #10. They replace Alfie and Riley.

New Entrants to the Top 100

On the boys side there was the most amount of movement into and out of the Top 100. In all, 6 names are new on the boys side:

  • Teddy (now #86, up from #141, that’s a massive leap of 55 places)
  • Ibrahim (now #89, up from #107)
  • Ronnie (now #90, up from #105)
  • Felix (now #91, up from #114)
  • Austin (now #94, up from 108)
  • Albert (now #99, up from #109, which has made me very happy)

As for the girls, there were only 3 new entrants:

  • Victoria (now #88, up from #106)
  • Darcy (now #93, up from #107)
  • Beatrice (now #95, up from #114)

Big Jumps in the Top 100

With Teddy doing so well this year, it may not surprise you to hear that Theodore also made big leaps within the Top 100 after his first entrance last year at #97, jumping up about 20 places to #78. Other big rises for the boys are: Hugo; Reuben; Elijah; Oscar; and Blake, who all rose at least 10 places.

As for the girls, the highest rising name within the Top 100 was Elsie (for the second year rising) who rose about 20 places, also, to break the 50 mark at #47. Elsie first joined the Top 100 in 2011. Nature names fared well in the Top 100, with Willow (15 places), Violet, and Ivy (both 22 places, respectively) also being high risers.

The Falling Names


Exiters of the Top 100

And the names they’ve replaced are:

  • Rhys (#101)
  • Ellis (#103)
  • Kayden (#104)
  • Bailey (#113)
  • Taylor (#118)
  • Kyle (#120)

For the girls, this year Sara and Lydia shared the Top 100 spot, thus only two names fell out:

  • Caitlin (#114)
  • Keira (#110)

Big Falls in the Top 100

It may not surprise the British public to hear Cameron was one of the biggest fallers in 2013, falling 16 places to #93; at this rate, he may drop out altogether for the 2014 list. Other names falling far within the Top 100 are Callum, Liam, Tyler and Riley, all falling at least 10 places each.

For the girls, the big fallers were: Hollie (down 21 places to #75); Paige (down 18 places to #98); Madison (down 17 places to #92); and Amy (down 14 places to #76).

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5 Names With Potential To Join The Top 100

The 2013 data for England&Wales is due out on the 15th August, thus, I’ve been looking at the potential contenders for the Top 100. All these names are lurking just behind the 100 mark and most have experienced rapid rises in popularity in recent years, and we”l find out on Friday whether any have made it into the Top 100.

1. Seren

She has consistently ranking in the solo Welsh Top 100 for many years now (at #7 in 2012), and on the joint list she’s at #104 (rising from #127 in 2011). That means she could continue right into the Top 100 for the joint England&Wales list, for which she’ll be a most welcome addition. Seren means star in Welsh.

2. Olly

As Oliver has been a Top 10 mainstay for awhile now it seems only logical that the nation who loves nicknames would eventually come to use Olly in the masses. He’s been rapidly rising for the past 5 years and ranked at #122 in 2011, then #106 in 2012.

3. Alexis, g

For the past two years, Alexis has ranked at #101, meaning that she has just missed out for two years running now. All it takes is one last spur and she’ll finally crack the Top 100. The name Alexis is of Greek origins and means defender.

4. Ronnie

First derived as a nickname for the out-of-fashion Ronald (still, despite the Harry Potter exposure), the name Ronnie in the UK appears to be shaking off the Kray twins association (Ronnie and Reggie Kray were criminal gangsters in the East of London in the 1950s/1960s). He rose from #142 to #105 between 2011 and 2012.

5. Lottie

She jumped from #138 to #112 between 2011 and 2012. Lottie is a short form of Charlotte (#20), who is slowly slipping down the rankings (down from #5 in 2000), and she fits with the nickname-love trend that’s been ongoing for several years now.


Aside form the above five names, other names to watch for are Darcy / Darcie (#107/#122, respectively. Sister Darcey joined the Top 100 last year), Iris (#122), Annabel (#109), Albert (#109, I would be thrilled if this hits the Top 100), Jasper (#129),  and Felix (#114).

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Sibset of the Week: The Weirs

Britain's David Weir (L) competes in the men's 800m T54 final during the athletics competition at the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in east London on September 6, 2012. AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRKGLYN KIRK/AFP/GettyImages

Britain’s David Weir (L) competes in the men’s 800m T54 final during the athletics competition at the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in east London on September 6, 2012. AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRKGLYN KIRK/AFP/GettyImages

Without a doubt, one of my favourite athletes to watch during London 2012 was David Weir – he was my pick to win Sports Personality of the Year, and he eventually came 5th behind the likes of Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis.

Affectionately known as the Weirwolf during the Paralympics, Weir took part in 7 races over the course of 10 days, totalling a racing length of around 30 miles.

Seriously, this guy is a machine, because he took home four golds (and I was lucky enough to witness the stadium ones, and see him collect some of his medals) in the 800m, 1500m, 5000m and the marathon. His category for all races was T54, which translates to:

T – identifies him as a track athlete

54 – identifies him as a wheelchair athlete

The other number categories works out like this:

  • 11-13, visual impairment, with 11 being completely blind (did anyone see the blind races where each athlete had a guide? amazing)
  • 20, intellectual impairment
  • 31-38, cerebral palsy
  • 42-46, amputees

The athletes are assessed for the severity of their disability and thus assigned a number. For example, with the visual impairment category, those given the 11 classification are entitled to a guide runner, whilst those classified as 13 do not as their disability is assessed to be less severe and thus they do not require a guide.

David Weir has three children, one of which arrived in October 2012. His eldest is a daughter from a previous relationship:

Ronie, circa 2002/2003

Mason, 2011

Tillia Grace London, 2012

I looked up Tillia in the rankings, or at least, attempted to for she does not rank. However, Tilia does at #5785 with 3 girls given the name in England&Wales in 2011. Even more curiously, Ronie does not rank, but Ronnie does for girls at #776 with 48 receiving the name.

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Weekend Post: Boyish Nicknames For Girls

Frankie Sandford, from

This weeks musings were sparked off after I went to pick my littlest sister up from her childminders this week, and they seem to fit nicely with this week’s accidently theme of nicknames. See, a new lad started at my sister’s childminders this week. A new lad named Lou. Just Lou. To be honest, I find myself not particularly bothered by this occurence. I know that the name I introduce myself to the world as has historically been used more for males, even if we Europeans are rushing to flip that coin, even before Heidi Klum got in on the act back in 2008 when she welcomed her own Lou Sulola. It’s part of a growing trend of boyish nicknames on girls, though. In the case of Lou, 5 girls were given the name in England&Wales last year, whilst less than 3 boys were given the name. Of course, when it comes to longer forms, Louis (#69) is certainly more popular than Louise (#208), but not as popular (yay!) as Lucy (#21).

Frankie Cocozza has really been trying to tarnish the chances his name has of ever re-entering the Top 100 of late. This week he was kicked off X Factor for pushing the limits, so now seems a good time to talk about boyish nicknames on girls. Back in June, Anna reported that Australian swimmer had welcomed a daughter named Frankie, sister to Stella and Rocco. Frankie is a great name to mention in this post, since the male and female rankings are one of the closest in terms of male nicknames picking up momentum for females. For the males, Frankie ranks at #108 and slips down to #191 for females. This could be a girlband thing, since The Saturdays has a member called Frankie Sandford, even if it’s short for Francesca in her case. Personally, I still remember her from her S Club Juniors days, which just shows my age more than anything because I remember watching them being formed on the CBBC show S Club Search back in 2001. To be honest, people probably only began to take note of this Frankie once The Saturdays emerged in 2008, when Frankie ranked at a still respectable #306 for females and #137 for males. For the sake of completetion, Francesca currently [2010] ranks at #102 with Frances trailing a little behind at #521. I actually have a friend named Frances who hates her name and goes instead by her middle name of Nicole; personally, I actually quite like the name Frances, not that I’d admit that to her face.

Another tidbit to add into the discussion that may interest you all is the startling fact that Stevie ranks at #608 for females, and #1551 for males. The name Steve ranks the same as Stevie for males, which is even more baffling, especially when you consider the success of their long forms: Stephen ranks at #217 and Steven at #245. Then there’s the Beau/Belle conundrum – where Beau (#351) ranks higher than Belle (#463) for females in England&Wales. I’m not sure I can explain how that’s happened, given the popularity of Bell(e/a) names at the moment thanks to Twilight.

Lily Allen, daughter of actor Keith Allen, recently retired from her relatively short-lived pop career which brought us such hits as Smile and The Fear; she has a little sister named Teddie, who was born in 2006. There’s also a female Teddie in my littlest sister’s favourite TV show: Good Luck Charlie. For those not in the know, Teddie is the second eldest of four children, with her three siblings being called: ‘PJ’, Gabriel ‘Gabe’ and Charlotte ‘Charlie’. The other three all go by nicknames, so by this logic, Teddie must be a short form of something, but it’s never been revealed on the show, according to Google. Generally speaking, when it comes to males, Teddie is short for Theodore so the missing full name we’re looking for could simply be Theodora. That just doesn’t fit, though. Speaking of Disney shows, there’s another one called Shake It Up which features a girl named Raquel, but nicknamed Rocky.

Ronnie ranks at #683 for females as well, and this could be attributed to the Eastenders character, who became embroiled in a controversial baby-napping storline earlier on this year. Ronnie Branning was born as Veronica Elizabeth, however, and is the elder sister to Roxanne Lizette ‘Roxy’, making them a rather oddly named sibset to me. One with traditional sounding names, one with more modern sounding names – but maybe that was the intention? I wouldn’t know, I avoid Soap Operas on principle. Back at the beginning of October there was also a couple on Million Pound Drop called Teri and Terry. It’s also a good moment to mention that Rory has certainly not been embraced as a female name here in England&Wales – only 3 females were given the name in 2010, compared to 456 males. I do believe Rory was in the USA Top 1000 in both 2008 and 2009, before dropping out in 2010. Then again, Rory isn’t technically a nickname, he means red king in Irish.

To conclude, yes, people are naming their daughters male nicknames, and in some cases it can work, and in some cases it may not. I reckon I suffer from slight bias when it comes to this area, so I turn to you dear readers. How do you feel about the subject? Boyish nicknames for longer girly names? Or just boyish nicknames full stop for females?

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