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5 Alternatives to Archie


It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these posts, and it seems like we are returning to wonderful Archie. I do believe that I have previously covered Jack and Alfie in posts similar to this.

The name Archie is popular in all four countries belonging to the UK, but historical his heartland lies in Scotland and England. Indeed, Scotland was one of the first places Archibald took off in during the Middle Ages. Personally, I suspect that Balamory may have something to do with why I see Archie as having a Scottish edge to him. If you don’t know what Balamory is, I sympathise and direct ye here.

So, with Archie, we’re not necessarily looking for nicknames of old-school lad names, more, looking for nicknames with a slight Scottish tinge to them.

Shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

1. Fergie

The most obvious choice to me, despite being best associated with Mr. Marmite, Sir Alex Ferguson. No, he doesn’t own the company that makes Marmite, more that I’ve never met a football fan who doesn’t hate or worship the man. For those who don’t know, Sir Alex Ferguson is the long-time manager of Manchester United; mixing Man U up with Man City is a fatal mistake I urge you not to make.

Fergie is a nickname for Fergus, and it’s worth noting that the Fergie mentioned above is a Glaswegian by birth. The name Fergus means man of vigour.

2. Roddy

A nickname used in both Scottish and English, that Aardman used in their film Flushed Away for the main character, a rat.

The name Roddy can be short for either Roderick or Rodney, with Roderick meaning famous power, whilst Rodney means Hroda’s island.

3. Christie

I once had a teacher with a son named Christie, which is a predominantly a nickname for Christopher in Scotland and Ireland. The name Christopher actually remains much more popular in Scotland than in England&Wales where it has fallen outside of the Top 100, since Christopher ranked at #71 in 2011 in Scotland.

The name Christopher means bearing Christ.

4. Tam

The name Tam is a Scottish nickname for Thomas, a name that ranked at #27 in Scotland in 2011; Thomas means twin.

To prevent any confusion, Tamsin is not the Scottish feminine form of Thomas, rather, she is contracted form of Thomasina most often seen all the way down in Cornwall. However, the Tamsin I worked with at the Olympic Stadium was called Tam for short.

5. Greer

This name derives from the name Gregor and also has use as a [Scottish] surname. The name Gregor is a brother of Gregory and the name means watchful/alert.


And that’s all I got on this one; I know that I usually do 10 names when it comes to these posts, but what with having already covered Alfie, my other ideas were more of the same of those kinds of names. That said, I was sorely tempted by extending the list to 6 in order to award Brodie a place, given that the name is surprisingly popular in Scotland – #69 – whilst he’s down at #310 in England&Wales.

Since I’ve just mentioned him now, I guess that kind of includes him, despite having ruled him out due to not really having any Scottish links per se.

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Name Spot of the Week: Sevens Rugby

Rugby Sevens logo from

I love rugby, t’s my favourite sport to watch after Formula 1 (and maybe a decent game of footie), and last weekend was full of Sevens Rugby for me, with Twickenham hosting this time ’round. It’s a fast-paced version of Rugby, with each game just 15 minutes long, and only 7 players per team. It also made for some interesting name spotting:

Aderito (Portugal)

Alafoti (Samoa)

Allister (Scotland)

Biko (Kenya)

Camille (France)

Cecil (South Africa)

Collins (Kenya)

Derek ‘DJ’ (New Zealand)

Diogo (Portugal)

Emosi (Fiji)

Facundo (Spain)

Flavien (France)

Gaston (Argentina)

Gregory (Australia)

Hamish (Australia)

Hernan (Argentina)

Horace (Kenya)

Humphrey (Kenya)

Ifan (Wales)

Ignacio (Spain)

Igor (Russia)

Isoa (England)

Javon (Wales)

Johannes (South Africa)

Lolo (Samoa)

Lote (New Zealand)

Mikhail (Russia)

Mitieli (Fiji)

Ofisa (Samoa)

Peni (Fiji)

Petrus (South Africa)

Ratu (Australia)

Renaud (France)

Renfred (South Africa)

Reupena (Samoa)

Rhodri (Wales)

Roderick ‘Roddy’ (Scotland)

Samuela (Fiji)

Seremaia (Fiji)

Shalom (US)

Sherwin (New Zealand)

Sitiveni (Fiji)

Simaika (Samoa)

Tai (US)

Thyssen (Canada)

Trent (Australia)

Valenese ‘Nese’ (US)

Vasily (Russia)

Victor (Spain&Kenya&Russia)

Walter (Argentina)

Zar (New Zealand)

Elsewhere, sister #1 has a friend over at the moment named Alixx, who claims her name is the Greek version of Alexandra. I’m not exactly sure it is (Alixxandra), but there you go.

Speaking of my sister, I mentioned earlier on this week that my sister had used Clotilde as her confirmation name, what I lacked to mentioned was the confirmation name of another lad being confirmed at the same time: Elmo.

At the weekend, I watched my first episode of Hawaii Five-O, I know I’m a little late coming into it, but the name Kono stood out for me. I love 4 letter -o names for girls, such as Juno and Meno, so it’s a plus.

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