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Weekend Post: Mumsnet

Just a pretty French fountain

Ever heard of Mumsnet? Some call it one of the most influential sites here in the UK – the politicians were all clambering over each other in a race to interact with the mums there.

Well, the other day I stumbled across a topic with one mum asking what’s the most unusual name you love? Here are their answers, most of which are given with meaning, unless they’re a word name or I simply don’t know:

Airibeloved jasmine (Japanese)

Andromedato think of a man (Greek)

Ariasong, melody, air (Italian)


Bellatrixfemale warrior (Latin)

Blythehappy (Old English)

Boyciewood (Old French)

Calypsoshe that conceals (Greek)

Ciarblack (Irish)

Clemencymercy (English)

Clothildafamed battle (Germanic)


Cyrusfar-sighted, young (Greek)

Darwin dear friend (Old English)

Deccaten (Latin)

Desdemonaill-fated (Greek)


Eppie – diminuative of either Hepzhibah or Euphemia



Hebeyouth (Greek)

Hepzhibahmy delight is in her (Hebrew)

Hermia – feminine form of Hermes


Icabodno glory (Hebrew)

Iolantheviolet (Greek)

Isisthrone (Egyptian, possibly)

Kit – short for Katherine or Christopher

Lena nn Lenny

Lolita – nickname for Delores

Lysanderrelease of a man (Greek)



Misha – Russian diminuative of Mikhail

Mnemememory (Greek)




Perditalost (Latin)


Pier – Dutch form of Peter

Posy – nickname for Josephine

Ptolemywarlike (Greek)


Ramseywild garlic island (Old English)

Saulasked for (Hebrew)



Struanstream (Gaelic)

Tikvahhope (Hebrew)

Torrenchief (Irish Gaelic)

Vitalife (Latin)

Wolfgangwolf path (Germanic)

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Sibset of the Week: The James’

Alex James, from

I’ll admit it, I’m a draft hoarder with currently 145 of ’em patiently waiting to be finished, and this one in particular has had a long road to being published, since I actually first drafted this post on the same day the first Sibset of the Week was posted, and it slipped into my drafts graveyard to be forgotten for many, many weeks. It resurfaced on my radar whilst I was searching through my draft backlog last weekend, trying to once again reduce the number of never-finished-posts. This post was almost put on the bak-burner again on Friday, when I let slip the name of his youngest child; so I spent most of the weekend hoping none of you would spoil my fun by commenting on Friday’s post with the names of her siblings.

But, onto the post. When I was at school, if you didn’t know who Busted or Blur were, you were nothing short of a fool (try not to be shocked then that I did know of them). Today’s famous Daddy was the bass player for Blur, and named his kiddies as if the naming community was looking over his shoulder. Alex James, we salute you.


Artemis, male & twin of Galileo

Galileo, twin of Artemis



My intial thought when I see Geronimo is Wallace of Wallace and Gromit. Wensleydale and Geronimo would make a killer pair for any major fan of the W&G dynamic duo. Indeed, James now lives on an organic cheese farm and has produced his own range of cheeses. This is Rock ‘n’ roll.

On the subject of Blur, it’s fair to mention lead singer Damon’s daughter is named Missy and guitarist Graham’s daughter bears the name Pepper.

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