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Falling Females

I’ve been doing a lot of pouring over data recently, and so it’s about time to talk about my thoughts regarding the popularity of some names.

It seems apt to first start with the Top 100, since those are the rankings which everybody wants to know about first. There are some interesting things to note. First off is that since 2000, the majority of names which have fallen the greatest but remain in the Top 100 tend more to be long forms of names rather than their nicknames.

So, what are the five females names I think will drop out of the Top 100 by 2014?

1. Alexandra

She’s slowly but surely falling out of the Top 100 – dropping 49 places since 2000. Between 2009 and 2010, she fell 10 places putting her at #97.

2. Nicole

Another name which has been hanging on for the past few years – she’s fallen 48 places since 2000. However, Nicole only fell 4 places to #92 between 2009-2010, which has me thinking she could maybe last maybe one more year or two before falling outside the Top 100.

3. Maddison

Both Maddison and Madison fell last year, 13 and 8 places each, respectively. Whilst I wouldn’t be surprised if Madison were still in the Top 100 in 2014, I’d be more surprised if Maddison was. It seems at odds with the American statistics showing Madison comfortably inside the Top 100 for 2010.

4. Libby

You’d think that Libby would be safe inside the Top 100 for longer, but she fell 20 places last year to #98. That puts her only 1 place above her 2000 ranking. Therefore in my eyes I see that Libby has likely done her time inside the Top 100 and will be dropping out within a year or two.

5. Aimee

Probably my least certain choice, because although she fell 10 places to #80 last year, making her another big faller, but all that really did was mostly undo her climb of 16 places between 2008-2009. This one for me is slightly unpredictable. Her sister Amy fell 10 places as well between 2009-2010 which reassures me somewhat that this could be a sign of downturn for the name.

It’s worth looking at the similarities between the five names above. The first three are all relatively familiar names, whilst both Maddison and Aimee have alternative spellings also falling inside the Top 100.

Other names I feel will be on their way out are:







So, there are my personal predictions. Of course, this could all be completely out. Tomorrow we’re looking at their likely replacements, and the names I think have a chance of grabbing the top spot.

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