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Ever heard of a TV show by the name of Winx Club? My youngest sibling used to watch it quite a bit a few years ago, but these days seems to be addicted to watching Tracy Beaker instead.

Either way, I wanted to talk about the show, which originates in Italy. The storyline of the series follows the adventures of initially 5 central fairy characters, and are generally do lots of good things in the process.

The names of the key characters very much subscribe to the whimsical theme:

Bloom. A whimsical word name I’ve yet to see used, although I guess it’s only a matter of time, really.

Stella. A name I see more and more these days, which derives from Latin and means star.

Flora. Another name related to nature, deriving from Latin and meaning flower.

Musa. This is an interesting pick, and I’m lead to believe this is the Italian word for muse/inspiration. It also happens to be the Arabic form of Moses.

Tecna. Again, a fascinating pick. She’s the fairy of technology, so her name appears to be a strained nod to that.

The Winx Club aside, I’m due to go and see Skyfall at the cinema tomorrow for the second time, and my sister wailed for some time about wanting to go and see the new Tinkerbell film instead. Thus, I thought it worthwhile to ponder for a moment on some of the names from this film, also.

Clarion. At first glance, I would make a wild guess that this name perhaps derives as another elaboration of Claire. Then again, Clarion also happens to be the name of an instrument, kind of a forerunner to the modern trumpet.

Fawn. The name associated with a young deer. Spell it Faun and you get a creature from Roman mythology. Fawn also happens to be a colour, sort of yellow-ish brown in hue.

Periwinkle. A shade of purple, and I’m certain that an old kids show from when I was little, Blues Clues, had a purple cat character in it with the name Periwinkle, too (Plus a pick dog named Magenta).

Vidia. Possibly a nod to the Latin word vida, which means life, but that seems a long shot (although Vidia is notably similar in sound to other names related to vida, including Vita and Vida).

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Spot of the Week: Pastor

So, Pastor Maldonado won his first pole position yesterday at the Spanish Grand Prix, so how could I not talk about his name? I might also be able to squeeze yet more European politics in as well. Technically speaking, it was Lewis Hamilton who won pole position, but he starts from the back of the grid because he ran out of fuel. Pastor Maldonado drives for Williams and has been dogged with pay driver accusations since he entered the sport last year. And by pay driver, we mean a driver who was given a race seat for the lucrative  sponsorship deals that accompany him to the team, i.e. the Venezuelan Oil company PDVSA, which reportedly paying £29.4 million ($46 million) to Williams this season.

In terms of the name Pastor, it’s also used as the name for a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation. The link to European politics? Pastor Joachim Gauck became the President of Germany back in March 2012.

Keeping on the F1 theme just because there’s been a drought of late on this blog, one of the team names is called Lotus. Truth be told, I’m quite fond of the name Lotus, but I’m not sure I’d actually use it since it falls foul of sounding a little bit too much like my own name. The Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam, and it represents purity.

To celebrate the improving weather, there’s this picture I want to share:

No, I’m not suggesting we all start naming children Banana, but what about Musa? Basjoo? Maybe not the latter, but Musa is surprisingly gorgeous, non?


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