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Father filled in the name badge, just so ya know

I landed back at Gatwick this morning, bleary eyed and in desperate need of a sugar boost. I was also brimming with name news, so much that it deserves it’s own post. This is kind of like a Name Spot post, in fact, it really is.

I spent most of my time exploring the various areas Disneyland Orlando and comparing them with their Paris counterpart which I hold so dear in my heart. Ebba and I are agreed that we much prefer the It’s A Small World in Paris. Some interesting tidbits from that part of my holiday were:

  • I met my first Asher at Magic Kingdom.
  • My Christmas dinner waiter was named Kim. Not particularly exciting until you know that Kim was a hulking Norwegian dude.
  • There’s a ride in the Norway section of Epcot called Maelstrom, which continually reminded me of the name Maelle.
  • I noticed in amongst the scenery for Splash Mountain a three-tier letterbox outside one of the ‘houses’ of what I presumed to be sisters, who were named Pansy, Poppy and Petunia.
  • On my birthday I watched the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show-thingy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the main female stunt lady was called Devin. Or maybe Devon. One of the ‘extras’ sourced from the crowd was also celebrating a birthday. Her name? Cady. She was probably my age-ish.
  • I also drew Pascal from Tangled at the drawing class. The lady taking the class said he was named after a real-life chameleon some lady owned who had some relations with production. She gave more details, but I was too busy having a crisis with his eyes.

And from other areas of our Florida epic:

  • On the flight back I cracked and watched Come Fly With Me for the first time. Whilst most of the names were picked for their double meanings, there were some interesting names used: Melody, Omar, Moses, Fearghal (in the episode I watched he mentioned brother Finnbar), Judith, Buster, Hetty and Precious.
  • Something I also watched during the flight back was the hugely popular sitcom Outnumbered. The youngest child of the family is called Karen, and is played by a girl named Ramona. Two things: I once had someone tell me that Karen was one of the ultimate baby-boomer names, yet this is a girl born circa mid-noughties; the last Ramona I met was a similar age and was frequently referred to as Manon.
  • Whilst sat at the departures gate, I took a bash at a crossword. I’m more of a suduko girl than crossword one, mostly because I pick the Metro up most days and they only have sudokus in it. Either way, one of the clues was simply Reverie (5).
  • Predictably, Bear Blu has made it onto most of the Worst Celeb Baby Names list going. I never mentioned this at the time, but it seems apt given whats on the plate next to me: Billy Bear is a type of reformed ham for kids which is extremely popular in my household. It’s always my first thought when I hear Bear Blu.
  • Something that always surprises me when I go abroad is the lack of crisp flavours available. Thanks to Walkers, we have such flavours as Worcestershire Sauce, Smokey Bacon and Builder’s Breakfast on offer here in the UK. When you get abroad, Walkers is almost invariably known as Lays and only appears to offer the standard Ready Salted variety. Why am I babbling on about crisps? There’s another brand of crisps here in the UK called Phileas Fogg – a possible alternative to Phineas, should you want one? He’s also a character in Jules Verne’s Around The World In Eighty Days.
  • I opened the majority of my Christmas/Birthday presents a few hours ago, and it prompted a thought in me. What about Meccano? It’s a construction toy invented by Frank Hornby (the train dude) that I’ve always wanted but never given.
  • I showed the Fenton video to an American. It’s easily my most favourite viral name of the year. Currently we’re called my brother Fenton.

It seems ages ago now that I posted the Lies Non-Name Nerds Tell Me post, but I now have yet another interesting occurence to add to the list:

  • My Fatyher showed an American the infamous Carling Black Label advert whilst at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. You know, that one which heavily references the war, in line with a very British sense of humour. The man in question was not particularly impressed, to say the least – but he later asked why Carling was such a popular name. Perhaps there was something lost in accent translation, but I think he may have meant to say either Charlie, Carly or maybe even Carter. That said, Carling is an interesting option if you don’t mind the alcohol reference. Stella hasn’t done too bad, and plenty of Rebeccas are known as Becks without issue. Let’s not even get onto the subject of ladies named things such as Shandy, Brandy and Meade.
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Santa Special

Santa Train, via flickr

I’ve spent all weekend handing out presents to excitable small children, and what has to be the biggest pack of Brownies I’ve ever come across in my life. This all adds up to the need for an extra special post to give me a chance to share with you as many names as my poor mind can remember.

That said, this post does comes with the warning that, whilst I know their rough ages due for present-selecting purposes, I can only hazard a guess at the spellings of their names. This is by no means a complete list, rather, a collection of the ones I remembered, and for the sake of simplicity, yes there were many multiples of many of these names, but I’ve forgone this since I can’t give exact numbers on how frequent each names was used, but, the ones I saw time and time again?

  • Alfie
  • Ben
  • Hayden
  • Henry
  • Lucy
  • Isabella
  • Joshua
  • Ruby

Before unleashing the lists on you, it is worth noting that the children could’ve easily been introducing themselves by their nickname, not their fullname.


Alfie James Olly
Eloise Nina Polly
Evie Meggie Ruby
Isabella Maggie Susanna


Ace Cameron George Lucy
Aiden Casper Hannah Maisie
Alfie Charlie Harry Nancy
Amy Che Henry Niamh
Archie Chelsea Holly Phoebe
Baxter Debbie Isabella Sally
Bea Ebony Isla Sally
Bella Eddy Jack Sean
Ben Edward Jenny Stanley
Billy Effie Liam Teddy
Bobby Evan Lila Thisbe
Callum Evie Lola William


Abby Esther Jason Oliver
Abigail Ethan Joel Olivia
Alfie Eve Jordan Olly
Alice Ewan Joshua Oscar
Amelia Faith Kian Owen
Ben Felix Lenny Penny
Bess Fergus Leon Poppy
Betty Gabby Lily Poppy
Bruno Gabriella Lola Ralphie
Cameron George Lolly Riley (m)
Cleo Hamish Lucy Rosie
Coco Hannah Luke Samuel
Daniel Imogen Maggie Summer
Darcy Isabella Martha Summer
Eleanor Isla Molly Tammy
Elise Jack Niamh Tommy
Emily James Nora William


Alex Freddie Joshua Reuben
Archie Georgia Kai Sam
Ben Geraldine Kiefer Scarlett
Cameron Greta Leo Sophie
Charlie Hannah Lexie Stacy
Charlotte Harriet Libby Summer
Chloe Hayden Lily Teddy
Connor Isabella Lucy Theo
Delphine Jessica Margaret Thomas
Eliza Jessie Molly Verity
Elliott Jimmy Noah Victoria
Elliott Jimmy Owen Wendy
Emily Joe Perry Willa
Erin Jools Petra William
George Joseph Rebecca Zeke


Bea Jack Molly
Becky Jake Sarah
Ben Jessica Stanley
Erin Matthew Thomas
Felicia Noah William


Charlotte Joel Charlotte
Emily Joshua Quinn
Emmy Matthew Rowan
Frank Melody Winnie
Hattie Niall Zach
James Noor  
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Names of the Week: Sparrow and Melody

House sparrow, from

I was drawn into a conversation about bird poaching in the Mediterranean today by an elderly lady. To be honest, it’s something I’ve never devoted much thought to, and the lovely lady was full of information about it. But that’s a bit of a downer to start the post, but it’s once more put me onto the subject of bird names – and one name I’ve always wanted to talk about more: Sparrow.

Nicole Richies’s second child often appears on these Worst Celeb Baby Names lists, and to be honest even I wonder about the plausibility of a Harlow/Sparrow sibset. It seems too matchy, and one sure to corner you after another child or so. Where do you go from these two names – without repeating too many letters? Arrow and Farrow are not far removed from Sparrow, whilst Marlow and Harlow are pretty much the same sound when shouted at the top of one’s voice. Can Crow really work with Sparrow? There are a few other ow- names, each with varying popularity, pros and cons:

  • Meadow
  • Rainbow
  • Shadow
  • Snow
  • Willow
  • Winslow

I do like the idea of Sparrow, perhaps not in the same situation as Richie’s, although it is a new take on matching sibling names. I’ve been on the receving end of a LOT of sibsets this weekend given all the children I’ve been handing out presents to, and I must say, very few were clearly matched. There was a Maisie/Mollie twinset but that’s as matchy as it got really. A sign of changing times? Peut-être.

As a small child, I was given the book Dear Olly by Michael Morpurgo as a Christmas present, and the plot of the book revolved around swallows – I therefore credit Mr. Morpurgo as the primary source of my love of many-a-bird name. Of course, sparrows and swallows are completely different birds, but sparrows, like swallows are small birds. Also, in terms of sound, there’s not much difference between Sparrow and Swallow – bur I highly doubt Swallow will pass into usage as a name since it also coincides with another English verb: to swallow.

The Pirates of the Caribbean hoopla has subsided somewhat, but it did give us the character Captain Jack Sparrow. A character mostly well-received, and thus is likely to be the first person most will think of when they hear the name Sparrow. Him, and the aforementioned Madden/Richie child. Despite all this coverage, the name Sparrow does not rank in the England&Wales 2010 data.

However, speaking of pop culture, one can’t get a bigger institution in it than Doctor Who – which has been heavily promoting the name Melody of late. In the most recent series of the hit BBC show, Amelia ‘Amy’ Pond and husband Rory welcomed little Melody Pond – named after Amy’s childhood friend Mel. The timeline of little Melody is a little confuddling for non-viewers and occasional ones. Suffice to say, spoilers.

Like Sparrow, Melody is an English word come name. In terms of the word, a melody is a tune, voice or line, comprising of a succession of musical tones which is perceived as a single cake. Generally, a melody is a combination of pitch and rhythm – and that’s so far as this non-musician can go.

A few years back, Melanie was a relative popularity. Now we have both Amelia and Amelie in the Top 100 – both of which can and have been shortened to Mel. DC Mel Silver who was once a main character in Waking the Dead until her death was actually an Amelia. Surely, Melody is the logical progression in these Mel names? One would certainly think so. She’s a cute little nod to a love of music, whether you listen or play it.

I’ve also met a handful of Melody’s in France – which totally makes sense given the popularity of the similar-sounding name Élodié. It isn’t just an alternative spelling, though. Élodié is the French form of the name Alodia, which could possibly be of Germanic origins, thus come from the elements:

  • ala, meaning other, foreign
  • od, meaning riches

But that’s just a theory. It’s also worth noting at this point the popularity of both Eloise and Elsie in England&Wales – who are at #109 and #108 respectively for the 2010 data. As for Melody? Not far behind at #293, with Elodie right behind her at #297. Could Melody rise? I wouldn’t put it past her – and it will be especially interesting to see how she fares following all the Doctor Who promotion.

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