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10 Wonderful International Variations of Mary

The only two cookbooks you’ll ever need. The Hamlyn one is placed that way to prove Mary did indeed contribute to it’s writing.

Like many Brits, I am currently obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. It’s so wonderfully simply in premise, and it features the wonderful Mary Berry as a judge.

We have many cookbooks in the house, but really, only the above two are ever used (especially since someone accidentally glued the BeRo book to the counter with golden syrup and ruined it). Infact, some of the more used pages in the newer book (the pink one) are smudged with all manner of cooking ingredients. And the older book? Tatty beyond belief, but never purposefully mistreated.

It’s hard to believe that the Hamlyn book came out in the 1970s, and I actually had an argument with my mother just the other day about whether or not Mary Berry was the author.

She is.

I have for a long time admired the name Mary. It’s a good, solid name that has served ladies well for centuries. I mean, what’s not to like? However, some level accusation at her that she is essentially a boring name (perhaps due to the gazillion ladies who answer to it), so I’ve put together this little list of some fabulous international versions of Mary that may just perk your interest. Quite by chance, the majority are from completely different parts of the world, rather than just throwing at you name from the usual suspects (holla France, Ireland & Wales).

1. Mitzi

At the top of the list is this intriguing German name; she’s the German diminutive of Maria. For me, she rocks as an alternative to the popular Maisie since she does not rank at all (I know, crazy right?).

2. Manon

One of the top names for girls in France, Manon is the French diminutive of Marie. Last Halloween, I met a sibset of Manon & Matisse at my local cricket club. The name Manon ranked at #1729 in England&Wales in 2011.

3. Moirrey/Voirrey

A pick from my own shores – or thereabouts – Moirrey is the Manx form of Mary, whilst Voirrey is simply a variation.

4. Marzena (mah-zhe-nah)

The Polish diminutive of Maria, which contains that wonderful zippy z letter.

5. Mareike (mah-rie-ka)

A name shared between two languages – Frisian and German – where in both she is a diminutive of Maria.

6. Máirín

An Irish diminutive of Mary that is said mostly the same as we would Maureen; there is also the variant Mairenn.

7. My

They say it’s the simple things in life, and this Swedish name encompasses that. She’s their diminutive of Maria, and in their most recent  data release she ranked at #73. The thing to note is that this name isn’t pronounced the same as the English word, and it’s more said like the word me (see here).

8. Mhairi (VA-ree)

Scottish form of Mary, by way of Màiri. We had an athlete in Team GB with the name, Mhairi Spence, who competed in the modern pentathlon. The name ranked at #3549 in England&Wales in 2011.

9. Maricruz

A darling smoosh name, courtesy of our Spanish friends. Hopefully you’ve spotted that the names in question that have been smooshed together are Maria and Cruz.

10. Masha

To end, a visit to our Russian friends. You’ve heard of Sasha; I’ve previously mentioned Pasha and now we’re on to Masha. Unlike the other two, Masha is solidly female, by way of being their diminutive of Mariya. Masha ranked at #5785 in England&Wales in 2011.



All that said, I still think Mary rocks and is not in the slightest bit boring.

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