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One of the names to watch at the moment is Lily. Not so much watch, as to charge after at full speed. She’s popular, really popular – at #4 in England&Wales in 2010 and odds are she’ll rise further.

Part of Lily’s success not only comes from the multiple ways people are finding to spell her, or the dozens of combinations, but the fact that she can also work as a  nickname, whilst not technically being one. We’re thinking Lillian and Lilith as key examples of Lily’s nickname career. but it’s not just Lil- names that could shorten to Lily.

1. Callista/Callisto

Callista is a slight variant of Callisto, which comes from Greek and means most beautiful. My sister openly disagrees with me putting both of these names on this list, insisting that Lola is a better short form to consider, but I think the option of Lily is there should you wish to have the option.

2. Cecily

Perhaps Cecelia and Cecilia apply here too, but Cecily ends exactly the same way as Lily does so she gets full honours. The name Cecily was the usual form of the name in English in the Middle Ages. The name derives from the Roman name Caecilius, which means blind.

3. Endellion/Eulalie

I just couldn’t decide between these two E- names, so they share a spot on the list. Endellion is a Cornish pick championed by David and Samantha Cameron, and the name of a once obscure saint. The father of St. Endellion is usually listed as St. Brychan, who reportedly had as many as two dozen offspring.

Eulalie is a charming French name I’m seeing more and more mentioned by many. Indeed, and rather aptly, she means well spoken. Like Endellion, the name Eulalie also has connections to a saint of Spanish origins from circa the 4th century.

4. Libellule/Lullaby

The two wordy names of the list have joined forces for the purposes of this list, since I wasn’t convinced on either of them initially. Libellule is a French word meaning dragonfly, whilst Lullaby is the dreamy sister of Reverie.

5. Romilly

A French origin place name currently catching many a parent-to-be eyes. This name also has history of being both a male name and a surname; a Welsh painter by the name Augustus John welcomed a son named Romilly in 1906, whilst Emma Thompson welcomed daughter Gaia Romilly in 1999. The origins of the name Romilly remain undetermined.

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