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Sibset of the Week: The Logans

Gabby Logan presented some of the BBC’s Olympic coverage in 2008, from

It only just occured to me that I’ve yet to do a Sibset post this week. I normally schedule them a week or two in advance, but there seems to have been a bit of a breakdown in order behind the scenes at Mer de Noms this week; not like there isn’t always a reasonable amount of chaos going on. Either way, we haven’t mentioned sport enough this week, so let’s get inspired there. I rather foolishly gave away the names of Rio Ferdinand’s offspring yesterday (Lorenz, Tate and Tia), despite planning on giving them their own sibset post in the future.

So, where in the sporting world have we decided to draw inspiration from? Why, the world of sporting punditry of course. Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Logan is one of the more high-profile names in the game, alongside Murray Walker and Sue Barker. Like many pundits, she started out as a competitor, as Gabby had a previous life as a gymnast before pulling out due to injury. During her time at the BBC, she’s covered the Beijing Olympics and has taken covered for Gary Lineker on Match of the Day several times. Her husband is Kenny Logan is a Rugby Union player. Together they welcomed boy/girl twins in 2005:

Reuben McKerrow

Lois Maya

The name Lois is currently [2010] #75 in Wales alone, and falls to #127 when combined with the England data. The similar name Eloise is poised to join the Top 100 club in a year or two, as she currently sits at #109, exactly one place below her possible nickname ElsieReuben, on the other hand, is more popular in England, where he ranks at #71 compared to his Welsh ranking of #77 (he’s at #71 when the data is combined).

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Decade Snapshot 1930s/A-Z

Fry's Dainties, from

Following on from our 1920s name list, here are the top names for each letter in the US Top 1000 of 1930.

A – Arthur and Alice

B – Billy and Betty

C – Charles and Catherine

D – Donald and Dorothy

E – Edward and Elizabeth

F – Frank and Frances

G – George and Gloria

H – Harold and Helen

I – Ira and Irene

J – James and Joan

K – Kenneth and Kathleen

L – Louis and Lois

M – Marvin and Mary

N – Norman and Nancy

O – Oscar and Opal

P – Paul and Patricia

Q – Quentin and Queen

R – Robert and Ruth

S – Stanley and Shirley

T – Thomas and Thelma

U – Ulysses. No female.

V – Vernon and Virginia

W – William and Wanda

X – none.

Y – Yvonne. No male.

Z – Zane and Zelma


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