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Scrabble Names

The names of the eldest 4 kids of the Dutch couple

It may have been a few weeks since news broke about the Dutch couple with five kids, who all have four-letter names using the same four letters (Alex, Lexa, Axel, Xela & Xael), but it continues to remain at the forefront of my mind.

That said, it can get a little forced with an increased number of children. Below is just a selection of attempts at the conundrum by myself and those over at Formspring, with some combinations seeming to work better than others:

  • Aidan: Nadia, Diana, Adian, Andia
  • Alice: Celia, Lacie
  • Amy: Mya, May
  • Dolly: Lloyd, Dyoll, Doyll
  • Eden: Dene, Ened, Nede, Need, Ende, Edne
  • Enzo: Zeno, Nezo, Ezon, Onez
  • Inez: Nezi, Enzi
  • Jonah: Onjah, Johan, Johna
  • Leah: Hale, Aleh, Elah, Hael
  • Leia: Alie, Ilea
  • Lena: Nela, Lane
  • Leon: Elon, Noel, Nelo
  • Leona: Elona, Enola, Laneo, Noela, Neola
  • Lia: Ali, Lai, Ila
  • Lucas: Claus, Lacus, Calus, Culas
  • Lyra: Aryl, Lary, Raly, Alry, Ryla
  • Mabel: Belma, Ambel, Embla, Melba
  • Milo: Lomi, Moil, Ilmo, Moli, Imli
  • Myra: Mary, Ramy, Amry
  • Ria: Ira, Rai, Ari, Air
  • Vera: Reva, Raev
  • Zane: Neza, Ezna, Anez, Azne

Anyone have any further contributions?

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Twin Name Splitting

Twins Ame and Lia, from

Naming one child is hard, nevermind two. I ended up mentioning two twinsets on Twitter last night, and it’s the second one which came to inspire this post. The first so-called twinset were called Floren and Reuben, I say so called because it really was a non-story. Both were conceived via IVF from eggs fertilised at the same time; Reuben is five years older than newborn Floren. They’re really just normal siblings, with Yahoo! making a story out of nothing.

As for the second set which inspired this post, they’re called Ame and Lia. They were conceived the normal way three weeks apart after one another and were born in 2007, when the name Amelia ranked at #10 in England&Wales. Another thing to mention about the case of Ame and Lia is that they also share their name with their mother, who is called Amelia.

We’ve seen twins given rhyming names, and boy/girl ones given names such as Stephen and Stephanie so the concept of splitting a name up and giving one half to each twin certainly seems like a tactic destined to be loved by those who like matchy twin names. In essense, the twins are sharing one name between them.

Yes, in terms of the mother above, she could have called them Amy and Leah, but in a way I can see the sweet connection between their names as they’re spelled. I think this tactic of naming twins reaps some benefits from the nickname trend, since nicknames such as Will for William become more commonplace as they stand.

The place this starts to stick slightly is when it comes to boy/girl twins. Logic would suggest one use a unisex name, but most which come immediately to mind don’t lend themselves well to the task: Riley; Peyton; Sawyer; Rowan; Phoenix; Remy. I’m open to suggestions here. At a push, one could split the name Alexander, giving unisex nickname Alex to the girl and Xander/Ander to the boy. It seems a litte forced, however. Then again, you could call the whole idea forced. Surely one should be giving each twin their own name, rather than half of one?

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