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Sibset of the Week: The Quins

Tegan (r) and Sara (l).

Tegan (r) and Sara (l).

Originally, I was planning on the first Sibset post being next weekend to tie in with Week A, but then I decided not to wait. As it so happens, we lost the electricity in our house just as I was finishing up this post, which meant despite my last minute change of heart, it seemed like this wouldn’t be posted. However, because of the cute way our electrics are apparently wired, the internet is still working, so all was saved.

This week we’re covering musical twin duo Tegan & Sara Quin. Now, I was certain that I’ve at least mentioned them in passing before, but apparently this is as much mention as they got. In fact, I’m really surprised I haven’t covered them in this feature before, as they figured into a major part of my life.

I first became a fan of the duo back when they were still touring with The Con in 2008. They were sort of inspirational to 14 year-old me because at the time I was struggling to come to terms with my sexuality and ‘lo and behold, I came across Tegan & Sara, who are both openly gay.


In 2013 the duo released Heartthrob, steering away from their indie rock roots and instead delving into pop. This divided fans, and continues to. Personally, the album really grew on me after a few listens. The pair are also about to embark on opening shows for Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour.

As for their names, they both have pretty interesting middle names:

Tegan Rain

Sara Kiersten

Their shows are especially well known for the banter between the pair, which means they’ve talked about their names on stage before. Most notably here, where Tegan mentions how her mother hesitated before giving her the name Tegan, as  their mother thought of Tegan as a strong name, but when she was born Tegan was very little. However, clearly, their mother changed her mind in the end.

The name Tegan comes from an obscure Welsh saint – St. Tegan – whose gender remains uncertain. What’s certain is that the name’s meaning lies in Welsh: teg means fair/beautiful whilst an is a diminuative suffix, hence, little beauty. In modern Welsh, there exists a word tegan, which means toy. Strictly speaking, the name should be pronounced TEG-an, but these days tee-gan is more commonly heard.

On the other hand, Sara is an alternative spelling of Sarah. It’s interesting to note that in the UK, Sara and Sarah are said differently: Sara is pronounced SAR-ah (hard first ‘a’), not SAIR-ah (with a softer first ‘a’), whereas Sara Quin pronounces her name the second way. The pronunciation of her names was actually mentioned when the pair were interviewed many years ago by a BBC Radio 6 DJ.

As for the middle names, Rain is of course a nature/word name. Then we have Kiersten, which is a respelling of Kirsten, who belongs to the Christopher family of names, wherein Christopher means bearing Christ.

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