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How Do You Say That?

So, what with the free time I found myself with yesterday I ended up filming a part.II to that name pronunciations video I posted a few weeks ago now. The last one was more of an anecdotal-spontaneous thing, whereas this one is a little more focused.

Names Covered (In Order):

Ghislaine, no rank

Usage: French

Meaning: pledge

Eluned, #4012 – 5 births

Usage: Welsh

Meaning: image, iconic beauty

Endellion, no rank

Usage: Cornish

Meaning: fire soul (disputed, see vid), [very] full

Françoise, no rank

Usage: French

Meaning: frenchman

Schuyler, no rank

Usage: English

Meaning: from a Dutch surname, meaning scholar

Horatio, #2036 – 10 births

Usage: Italian/English

Meaning: Italian form of Horace. Potentially comes from the Latin hora, meaning hour.

Aneurin, #1109 – 24 births/Aneirin, #2199 – 9 births

Usage: Welsh

Meaning: Could derive from the Latin honorius, thus mean honour.

Joachim, #1724 – 13 births

Usage: Biblical/Hebrew

Meaning: YAHWEH will establish

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