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Sibset of the Week: The Deneuves


We’re heading to France for this week’s edition, focusing on a rather renowned French actress by the name of Catherine Deneuve, born Catherine Fabienne Dorléac (she uses her mother’s maiden name professionally). Catherine is possibly best known for her role in Indochine, which won her an Academy Award in 1993.

Catherine herself is the daughter of an actor, Maurice Dorléac to be precise. She also has two siblings, sisters Sylvie and Françoise.

But it’s the names of her children which caught my eye and got me to pull together this post. She has two children, and it’s worth noting that one of them has a Russian father, whilst the other has an Italian father:

Christian Igor Christophe

Chiara Charlotte

Both children have gone on to have families of their own, with Christian having children named Igor and Lou, whilst Chiara has Milo and Anna.

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How Do You Say That?

So, what with the free time I found myself with yesterday I ended up filming a part.II to that name pronunciations video I posted a few weeks ago now. The last one was more of an anecdotal-spontaneous thing, whereas this one is a little more focused.

Names Covered (In Order):

Ghislaine, no rank

Usage: French

Meaning: pledge

Eluned, #4012 – 5 births

Usage: Welsh

Meaning: image, iconic beauty

Endellion, no rank

Usage: Cornish

Meaning: fire soul (disputed, see vid), [very] full

Françoise, no rank

Usage: French

Meaning: frenchman

Schuyler, no rank

Usage: English

Meaning: from a Dutch surname, meaning scholar

Horatio, #2036 – 10 births

Usage: Italian/English

Meaning: Italian form of Horace. Potentially comes from the Latin hora, meaning hour.

Aneurin, #1109 – 24 births/Aneirin, #2199 – 9 births

Usage: Welsh

Meaning: Could derive from the Latin honorius, thus mean honour.

Joachim, #1724 – 13 births

Usage: Biblical/Hebrew

Meaning: YAHWEH will establish

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