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Weekend Post: Florence&Friends

Snapped by me at the Florence Nightingale Museum

I’ve spent all day wandering the streets of London for no particular reason, although I must say, Olympic Park is looking nice. Have you heard the news? I’m totally working at the frickin’ Olympics Stadium this summer. How rockingly awesome is that? Next time I’m down in London town, I’ll be off to UDAC to collect my uniform and accreditation. Anyone else off to London this summer?

However, this is not a travel blog. This is a name blog, and I really should get onto the subject of names.

Whilst flicking randomly through the internet a day or two ago I found myself faced with a challenge: come up with 100 girlie name combos. I hypothetically jotted down a list of them on the nearest available notepad, and I think I did reply with an answer.

The scariest thing I noticed when re-reading the list today was that I used an awful lot of Flo- names, to a ridiculous excess. It’s not something I did consciously, more something that just seemed to happen and it baffled me somewhat because I’m not Florence’s #1 fan, but it seems like I love an awful lot of names similar to her.

Florence is the only Flo- name in England&Wales’ 2010 Top 100, ranking at #54. The next time you see a Flo- name in the data is at #409, and that name is unsurprisingly Flora. Then we have Florrie at #1180, and Flo herself makes an appearance at #2843.

1. Florizel

Technically, this is a boy’s name. It comes from our good friend Shakespeare, who used the name in A Winter’s Tale, where it was the name of the Duke of Bohemia’s son. Everyone loves a zippy z name, and this is no exception. The question of whether it should be a name for lads or lasses remains mostly a question of personal taste.

2. Floren

This name comes from the Latin word florens, which means blossoming. So, in a way, Floren is a variation of Florence because both derive from the same place per se. Possibly my favourite name out of the four, since she’s sneaking into my top names time and time again.

3. Floriane

You may recall that when I last covered this name, I proclaimed an indifference to the name. I’m still not totally in love with the name, but I definately like it a whole lot more than I did before.  The Floriane I know is French, and the name is certainly pretty.

4. Florimell

This name comes from th epic poem The Faerie Queen by Sir Edmund Spenser. In it, Florimell was a lady who fell in love with a knight named Marinell. One of my first friends growing up is called Melanie ‘Mel’, and she remains the only Mel I know personally. If you don’t like Melanie, or think Amelia is too popular then Florimell remains an option.

Oh, and the game? Yeah, my siblings and I totally beat Florence at her own game:

Richard is our nickname for Jack

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