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Sibset of the Week: The Williams & Federers

Federer’s twin daughters at Wimbledon, from

Wimbledon is finally over, with Federer and Williams taking home the trophies in the senior level singles tournaments. Even though we had a sports themed sibset post last week, it seems that we’re on course to have another one this week. This also happens to be the second time in a row that we haven’t covered a British family, but it’s nice to diversify.

Let’s start in the US with the Williams sisters who are both two of the greatest tennis player in the womens game at the moment; Serena’s serve is notably famed and after her win at Wimbledon this year she’s been hailed by many as one of the greatest female players that the game has ever seen, however she currently ranks at #4.

Her sister Venus was the first African-American woman to achieve the ranking of #1 in the Open Era back in February 2002. However, due to inconsistent form she currently ranks all the way down at #68, and was notably knocked out of the first round of Wimbledon this year.

The sisters are the children of Oracene and Richard Williams, and their full names are thusly:

Venus Ebony Starr

Serena Jameka

Prior to marrying Richard and having the two tennis greats, Oracene had three others daughters with her first husband:




Then we have the Federer family who hail from Switzerland. Roger Federer is currently the world #1 and his win at Wimbledon yesterday ruining the dreams of thousands of Brits as his opponent was Andy Murray, who was aiming to be the first British winner of Wimbledon in simply decades. His win was also his 7th one at Wimbledon.

In 2009, his wife gave birth to twin girls:

Myla Rose

Charlene Riva

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Spot of the Week: Of Sisters and Silverstone

Today is Ebba’s birthday! It seems apt that earlier on this week I posed the following question to the good people of Formspring:

If I told you that my nickname for my sister is Ebba, could you hazard a guess at what her actual name is?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that literally no one got the right answer, indeed the majority went for either Ebony, Evelyn or Elizabeth. I actually thought that Elizabeth was quite a clever guess, and I suppose that even though it seems logical to go from Heather to Ebba for me, it’s not exactly logical for others.

Wimbledon ends later on today with Federer and Murray facing it off in the mens singles final. The press here in the UK have been going nuts since Murray won his semi-final, but did you see the name of his opponent? It was Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Yesterday, Serena Williams beat the equally intriguingly named Agnieszka Radwanska in the womens singles final. I could go on about the lovely Wimbledon names, but Zeffy has already done it so wonderfully here.

Oh, and today is the British Grand Prix – woo! – so I thought I’d share with you a picture I snapped whilst I was at the circuit myself two weeks ago when it was also muddy, but clearly not to the extent as it was yesterday.

Snapped at Hangar Straight Bridge

Many fans of racing will know of Silverstone having a corner named Beckett, but how many fans of the name Beckett know of the corner? Personally, I see it as a plus. And what about the possibility of Stowe? Equally intriguing in my eyes.

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Santa Special

Santa Train, via flickr

I’ve spent all weekend handing out presents to excitable small children, and what has to be the biggest pack of Brownies I’ve ever come across in my life. This all adds up to the need for an extra special post to give me a chance to share with you as many names as my poor mind can remember.

That said, this post does comes with the warning that, whilst I know their rough ages due for present-selecting purposes, I can only hazard a guess at the spellings of their names. This is by no means a complete list, rather, a collection of the ones I remembered, and for the sake of simplicity, yes there were many multiples of many of these names, but I’ve forgone this since I can’t give exact numbers on how frequent each names was used, but, the ones I saw time and time again?

  • Alfie
  • Ben
  • Hayden
  • Henry
  • Lucy
  • Isabella
  • Joshua
  • Ruby

Before unleashing the lists on you, it is worth noting that the children could’ve easily been introducing themselves by their nickname, not their fullname.


Alfie James Olly
Eloise Nina Polly
Evie Meggie Ruby
Isabella Maggie Susanna


Ace Cameron George Lucy
Aiden Casper Hannah Maisie
Alfie Charlie Harry Nancy
Amy Che Henry Niamh
Archie Chelsea Holly Phoebe
Baxter Debbie Isabella Sally
Bea Ebony Isla Sally
Bella Eddy Jack Sean
Ben Edward Jenny Stanley
Billy Effie Liam Teddy
Bobby Evan Lila Thisbe
Callum Evie Lola William


Abby Esther Jason Oliver
Abigail Ethan Joel Olivia
Alfie Eve Jordan Olly
Alice Ewan Joshua Oscar
Amelia Faith Kian Owen
Ben Felix Lenny Penny
Bess Fergus Leon Poppy
Betty Gabby Lily Poppy
Bruno Gabriella Lola Ralphie
Cameron George Lolly Riley (m)
Cleo Hamish Lucy Rosie
Coco Hannah Luke Samuel
Daniel Imogen Maggie Summer
Darcy Isabella Martha Summer
Eleanor Isla Molly Tammy
Elise Jack Niamh Tommy
Emily James Nora William


Alex Freddie Joshua Reuben
Archie Georgia Kai Sam
Ben Geraldine Kiefer Scarlett
Cameron Greta Leo Sophie
Charlie Hannah Lexie Stacy
Charlotte Harriet Libby Summer
Chloe Hayden Lily Teddy
Connor Isabella Lucy Theo
Delphine Jessica Margaret Thomas
Eliza Jessie Molly Verity
Elliott Jimmy Noah Victoria
Elliott Jimmy Owen Wendy
Emily Joe Perry Willa
Erin Jools Petra William
George Joseph Rebecca Zeke


Bea Jack Molly
Becky Jake Sarah
Ben Jessica Stanley
Erin Matthew Thomas
Felicia Noah William


Charlotte Joel Charlotte
Emily Joshua Quinn
Emmy Matthew Rowan
Frank Melody Winnie
Hattie Niall Zach
James Noor  
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