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Name Spot of the Week: Mini-Jeu

Engelbert Humperdinck, from

This week I promised myself to start listening to the radio more, and whilst trying my hardest to stick to this task I discovered that I have a local news reader by the name Corazon. It’s also through the news that I discovered that Engelbert Humperdinck will be representing the UK in Eurovision this year – if it were a competition of flamboyant names I’m sure we’d have this one in the bag. The singer was born as plain ol’ Arnold Dorsey, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that he has legally changed his name to his stage name.

I watched Masterchef earlier on today on the BBC’s iPlayer serive, mostly because someone mentioned to me that the challenge was taking place in a similar setting to where I work and I was therefore curious to see how their service differed (quite a bit in some respects). In the process of my curiosity I came across a contestant named Aki; she’s pronounced like hackey with the h forgotten, and the contestant was of Japanese origins. It could be short for something, equally it may not have been.

Now, the fun part. I was set a challenge by a friend of a friend the other day, and I’d like to share it with you all. For the most part, it flummoxed me, but I’m sure my judgement was slightly clouded by my knowledge of the person – in that she’s Irish, so my thoughts focused on that particular area.

Her challenge was relatively simple in premise:

She has two names, like most people (ignoring surnames): a first name and a middle name.

Her first name is Kira.

One of her names has a light-related meaning; the other has a dark-related meaning.

What is her middle name?

Yes, it’s slightly vague, isn’t it? Infuriating is a word I’d use, since it took me 5 guesses before I landed on the correct answer. My original guess was Ailbhe, since she’s half-Irish – either way, it turned out to be nowhere near right. I’m planning on mentioning the answer in a post this weekend, so until then feel free to muse on the conundrum yourselves.

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