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Apologies in advance for the lateness in this post, caused by a sudden weekend-long internet outage. Thankfully, it’s back now and we can finish up with Week C.

I was inspired to cover today’s name for the simple reason that a lady appeared in this year’s Bake Off with the name. For those not in the know, The Great British Bake Off is now one of the most popular shows here in the UK; a noted mishap with a baked alaska caused a storm on twitter and ended up making front page news. Yes, we take this baking competition seriously.

Chetna was my favourite to win the series, but sadly left in the semi-finals this week, leaving Nancy, Richard and Luis left to battle it out in the final on Wednesday. Right now, I want Nancy the Maverick to win – but most agree we could be looking at another scandal if five-time star baker Richard doesn’t take the title.

The name Chetna is Indian in origin, and looks similar to the names Chetana and Chetan, who mean soul in Sanskrit. However, Chetna doesn’t seem to be an offshoot of Chetana, and whilst I’ve seen various meanings for Chetna bandied about, the most consistent one given is alert, realisation.

When it comes to popularity, Chetna has near to none – which I’ll admit surprised me, given we have many Indian communities living here in the UK. The name was given to 3 girls born in England&Wales in 1996, but since then doesn’t rank at all. It should be interesting to see the 2014 list next year to see whether the Bake Off has prodded Chetna into at least ranking. The name Chetana doesn’t rank, whilst Chetan was given to 7 boys in 2013.

With Chetna, you have an obscure Indian pick that is gorgeous and deserves more usage that she’s currently receiving. That might make her appeal to those looking for something unique, but now well known in the UK thanks to the Bake Off.

And Chetna, you rule.

The Bake Off 2014 competitors, Chetna is at the front in the pink jumper, via

The Bake Off 2014 competitors, Chetna is at the front in the pink jumper, via

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