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Sibset of the Week: The Frosts


It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts, isn’t it? Nevermind, but today’s mother is a former Eurovision competitor turned TV presenter.

As part of group Precious, Jenny Frost represented the UK in Eurovision in 1999, where they placed a respectable 12th place. Following this and the group’s later split, she went on to join Atomic Kitten following the departure of Kerry Katona in 2001. Atomic Kitten went on to split in 2004, following the release of their third studio album. However, Atomic Kitten did reform in 2005, and again in 2008.

The group then reformed once more in 2012 to take part in the ITV show The Big Reunion, joined by several other chart-topping acts from the late-90s and early-00s. However, Jenny Frost did not join the line up due to being pregnant and thus Kerry Katona took her place.

Jenny Frost has three children, a son born when she was with former fiancé Dominic Thrupp, followed by a set of twins this year with current husband Vicente Juan Spiteri.

Their names?

Casper (2007)

Nico (2013)

Blake (2013)

A decent enough group of names, you might think, but the catch is that the set of twins are fraternal girls, something that caused quite a bit of commentary back in January 2013 when their names were announced. It’s following in the footsteps of the likes of Jessica Simpson when it comes to using established male names on girls, and rather reminds me of Lisa Marie Presley who welcomed twin girls with the names Harper and Finley back in 2008 (noting that one of Finley’s middle names is Aaron).

Of course, this isn’t the first use of Nico as a female name by a celebrity, given that Thandie Newton notably has a daughter with the name, born in 2004 – with her sister born in 2000 being called Ripley.

This rather does pose the question, if you were told the above sibset consisted of two girls and one lad, who would you think is the lad? I’d most certainly be tempted to say Blake, as opposed to Casper.

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Weekend Post: Names We Grow Up With


I’ve been clearing out shelves and all manner of drawers of late, and that’s thrown up a couple of old possessions. And with old possessions comes a shower of thoughts about names. Two names that were thrown up both date from my childhood in the initial usage I found them in, but both are starting to be considered rather fashionable choices these days.


Anyone remember the Cha Cha Slide? I’d completely forgotten about the craze surrounding the song until I found my copy last night. he song hit UK airwaves in 2004, and I could proclaim that I still remember the moved, but then again, the lyrics chanted out what you were supposed to do. I remember this song always being a hit at school disco, and I had a friend mention to me today that it was playing at the club he was in last night.

The man behind it was known as DJ Casper, but Casper wasn’t his name, Willie Perry Jr. was. That said, Casper is increasingly popular these days. The highest ranking spelling of his name is Kacper at #171, whereas Casper is at #364 and Caspar at #678.

Casper is the Dutch and Scandinavian form of Jasper, which means treasurer in Persian.


I went to primary school with two girls named Louisa, yes, two. Call it luck of the draw if you want, but here’s the stats: in 1996, Louisa ranked higher than she does today; at #187 in 1996, 7 places higher than Florence, compared to #253 in 2010. Of course, we could only speculate about the years before 1996, since we only have the Top 100, but what we do know is that from 1996, Louisa rose to #175 in 1998, and then dropped to #211 in 1999.

Louisa is the female form of Louis, which is hugely popular in England&Wales for boys right now: Louis is at #69, Louie at #74 and Lewis at #27. The name means famous warrior.

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Sibset of the Week: The Torodes

John Torode, from

I’m not a frequent watcher of cookery shows, it’s mostly my mother who watches these types of shows, never missing an episode of Hairy Biker’s Best of British. Personally, the closest I really get is Come Dine With Me, with the legendary commentary of Dave Lamb, who does dry humour like no other. However,  something else that recently caught my attention was Masterchef. Perhaps more intense than the quaint Great British Bake Off, but it’s certainly inspired some of the meals I’ve recently cooked.

One of the presenters of the show is John Torode, who has four children. The youngest two are with his wife Jessica, from whom he has recently split. The elder two are from a previous relationship.





Now, I have no real guidance regarding which sibset gets a post each week, or even at all. Usually they’re ones which catch my eye the day or week before the post arrives. This one really caught my eye because in my intial research, I found the eldest child’s name oft reported as Marselle – I’m in France at the moment so it seemed apt, given the city of Marseille. However, interviews for the man himself reference a son named Marcel. I’ve also read a piece by him where he spells his youngest child’s name as Loulou.

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Santa Special

Santa Train, via flickr

I’ve spent all weekend handing out presents to excitable small children, and what has to be the biggest pack of Brownies I’ve ever come across in my life. This all adds up to the need for an extra special post to give me a chance to share with you as many names as my poor mind can remember.

That said, this post does comes with the warning that, whilst I know their rough ages due for present-selecting purposes, I can only hazard a guess at the spellings of their names. This is by no means a complete list, rather, a collection of the ones I remembered, and for the sake of simplicity, yes there were many multiples of many of these names, but I’ve forgone this since I can’t give exact numbers on how frequent each names was used, but, the ones I saw time and time again?

  • Alfie
  • Ben
  • Hayden
  • Henry
  • Lucy
  • Isabella
  • Joshua
  • Ruby

Before unleashing the lists on you, it is worth noting that the children could’ve easily been introducing themselves by their nickname, not their fullname.


Alfie James Olly
Eloise Nina Polly
Evie Meggie Ruby
Isabella Maggie Susanna


Ace Cameron George Lucy
Aiden Casper Hannah Maisie
Alfie Charlie Harry Nancy
Amy Che Henry Niamh
Archie Chelsea Holly Phoebe
Baxter Debbie Isabella Sally
Bea Ebony Isla Sally
Bella Eddy Jack Sean
Ben Edward Jenny Stanley
Billy Effie Liam Teddy
Bobby Evan Lila Thisbe
Callum Evie Lola William


Abby Esther Jason Oliver
Abigail Ethan Joel Olivia
Alfie Eve Jordan Olly
Alice Ewan Joshua Oscar
Amelia Faith Kian Owen
Ben Felix Lenny Penny
Bess Fergus Leon Poppy
Betty Gabby Lily Poppy
Bruno Gabriella Lola Ralphie
Cameron George Lolly Riley (m)
Cleo Hamish Lucy Rosie
Coco Hannah Luke Samuel
Daniel Imogen Maggie Summer
Darcy Isabella Martha Summer
Eleanor Isla Molly Tammy
Elise Jack Niamh Tommy
Emily James Nora William


Alex Freddie Joshua Reuben
Archie Georgia Kai Sam
Ben Geraldine Kiefer Scarlett
Cameron Greta Leo Sophie
Charlie Hannah Lexie Stacy
Charlotte Harriet Libby Summer
Chloe Hayden Lily Teddy
Connor Isabella Lucy Theo
Delphine Jessica Margaret Thomas
Eliza Jessie Molly Verity
Elliott Jimmy Noah Victoria
Elliott Jimmy Owen Wendy
Emily Joe Perry Willa
Erin Jools Petra William
George Joseph Rebecca Zeke


Bea Jack Molly
Becky Jake Sarah
Ben Jessica Stanley
Erin Matthew Thomas
Felicia Noah William


Charlotte Joel Charlotte
Emily Joshua Quinn
Emmy Matthew Rowan
Frank Melody Winnie
Hattie Niall Zach
James Noor  
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