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Going into day two of Week B, we’re looking at a place name local to my old stomping ground of Nottingham.

The village of Brinsley lies in the south-west part of Nottinghamshire, these days split into Old Brinsley and New Brinsley, with each belonging to a different parliamentary constituency. Old Brinsley lies in my old constituency, Broxtowe, which was a strong contender to feature this week, eventually losing out to Brinsley.

So I’ll make a quick mention of it now: the name Broxtowe is formed of two parts, and the second is a common place name suffix: stow, which is of Old English origins and simply means place. The first part derives from the Old English name Brocul, which unlike Broxtowe, does not survive to these days. If you’re looking for a quirky name with an oh-so-fashionable x, feel free to consider Broxtowe.

As for the name Brinsley, he is formed of a combination of two Old English elements:

  • brun, meaning brown
  • leah, meaning meadow

The name Brinsley shares his second half with many popular names of yesterday: think the likes of Ashley, Bradley and Stanley. These days, Stanley has made a resurgent into the Top 100, ranking at #70 in 2013, whilst Ashley has fallen from #40 to #288 (on the female side, Ashley currently ranks at #519) and Bradley fell out of the Top 100 in 2011.

The name can also be spelled Brynsley, and I do actually know a lad who bears the name spelled this way; he shortens it to Bryn. The name Bryn is Welsh name that means hill that ranks at #804 for lads.

Aside from that, you’re unlikely to meet a Brinsley or Brynsley, as the name fails to rank for either gender. At this point it’s worth making a reference to Bingham, another town which lies in Nottinghamshire, and think of the boost in interest that name got when Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson chose it for their son born in 2011. However, I concede that it didn’t particularly translate into people actually using the name Bingham, with only 12 uses of the name recorded in the US in 2013.

What you get with Brinsley is a name that might have won fans in the time of Bradley and Ashley (i.e. the 90s, which explains why I know one), but these days might not be what parents are looking for.

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Name Spot of the Week: Hometown Glory

George the Beekeeper lives on Beeston High Road

I need to get more organised with these posts – this is the second time in a row I’ve posted late. For those interested in my excuse – I was at an awards function at Trent Bridge last night. I didn’t meet any England players such as Stuart Broad, but did meet Steve Mullaney, another player for Nottinghamshire.

One of the main winners of the night was a cricket club from Kimberley, which seemed to have strong teams in all the age groups (U12, U13…etc.). So it seems a good time to mention the names of some other places ’round my hometown – especially since Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy welcomed their son Bingham ‘Bing’ earlier on in the year, and my Auntie lives there. There is an area named Arnold, which is an already established name. But then there’s Wilford, which isn’t too far removed from Wilfred. Other possible options:





Barnby (Moor)







Burton Joyce

(Car) Colston






Forest Fields

Lace (Market)

Hyson (Green)

Lenton Abbey


(The) Meadow(s)







Children in Need is almost upon us, which is an annual fundraising day aimed at improving the lives of children. Each year a group releases a single for charity, and this years charity single is a collaboration of several different artists known together as The Collective. There are some fascinating names amongst them all:

Cleopatra Elizabeth ‘Mz. Bratz’

Harley ‘Sylvester’, from Rizzle Kicks

Jahmaal Noel ‘Chipmunk’

Jermaine ‘Wretch 32’

Jordan ‘Rizzle’, from Rizzle Kicks

Kwasi ‘Tinchy Stryder’

Niomi Arleen ‘Ms. Dynamite’

Timothy ‘Labrith’

Tulisa Paulinea, from N-Dubz

On a totally different note, I caught my first glimpse of this year’s University Challenge. Yes, it’s been going on since July, but I’m a busy person who rarely watches much TV. I went through and quickly picked out some of the names of previous winners whose name made me sit up and notice (the date in the brackets is of the year they won, followed by the institute they represented):

Aubrey (1968, Keele. Male.)

Colum (2003, Birkbeck College, London)

Dorjana (2002, Somerville College, Oxford)

Frederick ‘Wynn’ (1974, Trinity College, Cambridge)

Geffyn (1986, Jesus College, Oxford)

Geoffrey (1963, Leicester)

Gwilym (1997, Magdalen College, Oxford)

Jerzy (1975, Keble College, Oxford)

Kwasi (1995, Trinity College, Cambridge – two in one post? Yes!)

Madeleine (1963, Leicester)

Meredith (1970, Churchill College, Cambridge)

Reuben (2009, Manchester)

Stefano (2005, Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Siegfried (2001, Imperial College London)

Thor (2003, Birkbeck College, London)

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