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Sibset of the Week: The Brosnans

I’ve been working my way through the old James Bond films quite a bit recently with a friend of mine, and one of our most recently watched films is The World is Not Enough, where James Bond is played by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan.

My friend happens to be quite the Pierce Brosnan fan, so this post goes out to him.

Pierce has been married twice: firstly to Cassandra Harris; secondly to Keely Shaye Smith. Altogether he has 2 stepchildren* and 3 sons:



Sean William

Dylan Thomas

Paris Beckett

Perhaps you can pick out why I chose to cover this family (aside from pandering to a friend’s likes).

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Spot of the Week: Of Sisters and Silverstone

Today is Ebba’s birthday! It seems apt that earlier on this week I posed the following question to the good people of Formspring:

If I told you that my nickname for my sister is Ebba, could you hazard a guess at what her actual name is?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that literally no one got the right answer, indeed the majority went for either Ebony, Evelyn or Elizabeth. I actually thought that Elizabeth was quite a clever guess, and I suppose that even though it seems logical to go from Heather to Ebba for me, it’s not exactly logical for others.

Wimbledon ends later on today with Federer and Murray facing it off in the mens singles final. The press here in the UK have been going nuts since Murray won his semi-final, but did you see the name of his opponent? It was Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Yesterday, Serena Williams beat the equally intriguingly named Agnieszka Radwanska in the womens singles final. I could go on about the lovely Wimbledon names, but Zeffy has already done it so wonderfully here.

Oh, and today is the British Grand Prix – woo! – so I thought I’d share with you a picture I snapped whilst I was at the circuit myself two weeks ago when it was also muddy, but clearly not to the extent as it was yesterday.

Snapped at Hangar Straight Bridge

Many fans of racing will know of Silverstone having a corner named Beckett, but how many fans of the name Beckett know of the corner? Personally, I see it as a plus. And what about the possibility of Stowe? Equally intriguing in my eyes.

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Sibsets of the Week: The Baddiels & Loughs


It’s time for yet another one of those two for the price of one Sibset posts. There’s mostly nothing in common with the two families aside from having at least one famed parent, and of course both being based in Britain.

We start off in the area of comedy and football. If you visit Britain – specifically England – during the course of a major footballing (that’s soccer to the uninitiated) tournament, such as the World Cup, then you’ll more than likely hear the song Three Lions at least once. The song was first released in 1996 as the official anthem for that year’s European Championships and later re-released for the 1998 World Cup. The song is the only song to ever hit the #1 spot twice with different lyrics – first in 1996 and later in 1998.

The slight comedic element brought in by the two comedians who wrote the lyrics is reflected by the fact that the song does not speak of unbound optimism for victory, rather talking about the repeated failures since 1966. A line in the chorus sums up the song pretty well:

Three Lions on a shirt, Jules Rimet still gleaming. Thirty years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming

The name of the trophy England won in the 1966 World Cup was called the Jules Rimmet Trophy. When Brazil won the World Cup for the third time in 1970, they were granted the rights to keep the trophy indefinately. In 1983 the trophy was stolen and has never been seen since.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, today’s famous father is David Baddiel, who wrote the lyrics alongside comedy partner Frank Skinner – who recently announced that he’s expecting his first child this year. The mother is Morwenna Banks, also notable in her own right as an actress. Together they have two children:

Dolly Loveday

Ezra Beckett

As for our second family, it comes courtesy of famed athlete Paula Radcliffe. At the moment she holds the women’s world record for a marathon with her time of 2:15:25 hours. In her career, she has also won the London Marathon three times, the New York Marathon twice and the Chicago Marathon once. In between all these accolades she’s managed to have two children with her husband Gary Lough, who is also her coach:



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