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The Top 100 Analysis

The Rising Names


New Entrants to the Top 10

There was only one new entrant to the Top 10 for the girls  this year, with Poppy racing up 6 places to #7, replacing the once-darling of the flower world: Lily, who falls to #12.

As for the boys, Oscar races into the Top 10 to sit at #7, whilst George sneaks back in at #10. They replace Alfie and Riley.

New Entrants to the Top 100

On the boys side there was the most amount of movement into and out of the Top 100. In all, 6 names are new on the boys side:

  • Teddy (now #86, up from #141, that’s a massive leap of 55 places)
  • Ibrahim (now #89, up from #107)
  • Ronnie (now #90, up from #105)
  • Felix (now #91, up from #114)
  • Austin (now #94, up from 108)
  • Albert (now #99, up from #109, which has made me very happy)

As for the girls, there were only 3 new entrants:

  • Victoria (now #88, up from #106)
  • Darcy (now #93, up from #107)
  • Beatrice (now #95, up from #114)

Big Jumps in the Top 100

With Teddy doing so well this year, it may not surprise you to hear that Theodore also made big leaps within the Top 100 after his first entrance last year at #97, jumping up about 20 places to #78. Other big rises for the boys are: Hugo; Reuben; Elijah; Oscar; and Blake, who all rose at least 10 places.

As for the girls, the highest rising name within the Top 100 was Elsie (for the second year rising) who rose about 20 places, also, to break the 50 mark at #47. Elsie first joined the Top 100 in 2011. Nature names fared well in the Top 100, with Willow (15 places), Violet, and Ivy (both 22 places, respectively) also being high risers.

The Falling Names


Exiters of the Top 100

And the names they’ve replaced are:

  • Rhys (#101)
  • Ellis (#103)
  • Kayden (#104)
  • Bailey (#113)
  • Taylor (#118)
  • Kyle (#120)

For the girls, this year Sara and Lydia shared the Top 100 spot, thus only two names fell out:

  • Caitlin (#114)
  • Keira (#110)

Big Falls in the Top 100

It may not surprise the British public to hear Cameron was one of the biggest fallers in 2013, falling 16 places to #93; at this rate, he may drop out altogether for the 2014 list. Other names falling far within the Top 100 are Callum, Liam, Tyler and Riley, all falling at least 10 places each.

For the girls, the big fallers were: Hollie (down 21 places to #75); Paige (down 18 places to #98); Madison (down 17 places to #92); and Amy (down 14 places to #76).

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Weekend Post: I Will Not Name Thy Child After Booze

One of the major no-nos when it comes to baby-naming has always been to do with the idea of naming one’s child after a refreshing alcoholic beverage, such as Shandy, Whiskey and Chardonnay.

However, there’s always a but with these kinds of things.

You see, ever since I reached legal drinking age (which is 18 in the UK, hola), things have gotten a lot more complicated than the simple straight line it used to be.

But before we talk alcohol, let’s back track to when I was 2ish and was gifted an adorable grey cat plushie by my Grandmother, this one to be exact:

Corky ze Cat

I named him Corky. Well, specifically, he was Korkey up until I was 7 at which point I ‘corrected’ the spelling of his name to Corky, and thus he has remained. At one stage I did genuinely wonder about using Corky as a middle name, but alas, there’s a good chance the toy I cherish to this day will be going to one of my [hypothetical] children, and thus I wouldn’t want to use Corky if an already significant member of the household bears the name.

You know what I found out at the pub? There’s an alcoholic beverage (specifically, a flavoured liqueur) by the name of Corky’s. How it slipped past me until now is quite remarkable, but it’s true:

Twisted Corky’s

Fish Bowls featuring copious amounts of Corky’s

What the real deal looks like

The tale, sadly, does not end quite there. You see, I’ve yet to discover a taste for beer, so tend to drink cocktails when out and about on the tiles. One of the gothic-y pubs I tend to end up at has themed cocktails, namely 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. The names of the 7 heavenly virtues rather means that I fear that I can never look at a virtue name the same way:

7 Heavenly Virtues

I do wonder whether I’m reading too much into this, I mean, Stella, Tia and Bailey are all popular names despite the existence of Stella Artois, Tia Maria and Baileys. I mentioned many months ago about a character in the popular TV show Waterloo Road called Sambuca ‘Sam’. However, some are put off using the name Amoret because of it sounding similar to amaretto.

Then there are the names Tiger and Sol, both names shared with popular beers from opposite sides of the globe:

World Beers

Oh, and as if the name Lolita hasn’t got a bad enough reputation already – she’s also the name of a Tequila Cocktail:


The line seems somewhat blurred to me these days, I mean, I’ve always really liked the name Corky. It’s almost a state of uncertainty these days – should I write off a name simply because someone somewhere decided to use the name for a cocktail?

And that my dears is the kind of thing I ponder about whilst down at the local.

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Name Spot of the Week: Vinnie, Fenton and Aneurin

I don’t really watch much television, but quite a few media-bound names came up this week. For starters, The British Heart Foundation recently launched a hands-free CPR campaign featuring tough-guy Vinnie Jones. Although it’s only been launched quite recently I’ve already seen this advert pop up several times since the beginning of the month. Whilst questions have been raised as to whether hands-free CPR really is more effective than the ‘normal’ type of CPR, I can see why eliminating the mouth-to-mouth element may make people more confident to really go for it – since the advert campaign is really more aimed at average Joe than Theodorus the trained First-Aid expert. Now, I have mentioned Vinnie once before on the blog – he came in at #10 on our 10 Alternatives for Alfie post way back in July last year. I stand by the judgement I made then – Vinnie is a great name.

Aside from that, another video that came to mind again this week was the Richmond Park video, after Rowan mentioned Fenton in her post on Names from the 1980s. The viral video is where I first came across the name, and Zeffy subsequently covered the name. As did Have I Got News For You, which reported the dog’s name as Benton, rather than Fenton. I’ll be honest, this name has seriously grown on me of late – despite my general uninterest in surnames-as-firstnames à la Hudson, Tucker and Cooper.

I caught some of the BBC4 dramatisation We’ll Take Manhattan last night. Well, I say caught, someone else was watching it and I caught bits of it from the corner of my eye.  It’s probably the first time I’ve watched BBC4 since catching a documentary about Snow on it last year and the really notable thing to mention is that David Bailey was played by Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard. Prior to him, the only man I could think of with his name is Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan – the man behind the creation of the NHS – Bevan was born in Wales as well. I’ve also read somewhere that he had a son named Aneurin, too.

Bailey also reminds me of a memorable incident which occured this week when I was in the park. A lady shouted the name Bailey at the top of her voice, and a little boy charged towards her. To be honest, I shouldn’t have been surprised – the name Bailey is #79 for boys in England&Wales compared to #505 for girls. I’m putting it down to the American blog I frequent on a daily basis 😉

Another thing to note is that Karen Gillan who plays Jean is in her early 20s. She’s better known as playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

I guess the final name to mention is that only today I was involved in a pub-quiz style competition. The name of my team as chosen by a friend? Frederick. We have a track record of using random names as team names in quiz situations. Previous names used include Boo, Baxter and Ginger.

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