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Sibset of the Week: The Drewitt-Barlows

Barrie and Tony with their children, l-r: Saffron, Dallas, Orlando, Jasper and Aspen.

This week we’re looking at the children of two well-known gay parents in Britain. Since 2004, it has been legal in the UK for a gay couple to enter a civil partnerships, and recently it has been fiercely debated as to whether to extend this to marriage as well.

Barrie and Tony have been quite prominent in the fight for equal rights. They first came to prominence in 1999 after they travelled to the US in order to become parents. This was followed by a ruling by an American court, making their eldest two, twins, the first British children to be registered as having two fathers and no mother. They then had to battle to bring them home to Britain.

Since then, after the birth of their twins, they went on to have three more sons – including another set of twins:

Aspen, twin of Saffron

Saffron, twin of Aspen


Jasper, twin of Dallas

Dallas, twin of Jasper

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