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Indian Names

Pokemon LeafGreen_01

I’ve been playing Pokemon quite a bit recently, and in my current Leaf Green game the above is my current line up of Pokemon. As you can see, bar James the Pikachu who is specifically named after a good friend, I’ve taken to giving them all names with an Indian flair to them.

Following on from that thought, here is a list of some of my favourite Indian names:


As many Indian names are, Amala is derived from Sanskrit and means clean, pure.


This name comes from Sanskrit and means minuteness.


The first male name of the list, he means supreme, paramount in Sanskrit.


The name of a Hindu ritual; in Sanskrit this names means honouring, praising.


She means earth in Sanskrit.


This name means moon and derives from a Sanskrit word meaning to shine.


Meaning prayer in Sanskrit, this is the name of a Hindu god who is seen as the creator and director of the universe and the balance between the opposing forces of Vishnu and Shiva.


Derived from Sanskrit and meaning god.


Spelt either way this name means row of lamps in Sanskrit.


This name means divine, heavenly in Sanskrit.


She means desire, wish in Sanskrit.


She means beauty in Sanskrit and was the name of India’s first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi. It is also another name for the wife of Hindu god Vishnu, also known as Lakshmi.


This name has perhaps one of my favourite meanings: he means possessing drops of rain in Sanskrit. It is also the name of an ancient Hindu warrior god associated with the sky and rain.


She means queen of Indra in Sanskrit. It is also the name of the Hindu goddess of jealousy and beauty.


A unisex name which means Indra of the thunderbolt.


She’s the Hawaiian form of Sarah, but she also means art form, virtue in Sanskrit.


She means lotus/ pale red in Sanskrit and is also the another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and Durga.


She means desired, beautiful in Sanskrit.


She means miracle in Sanskrit.


This is the name of a river in the south of India.


A unisex name, of which I actually know a girl who wears it. The name is derived from a Sanskrit word which can mean either dust, thread or sunbeam. 


This name means dark/ black in Sanskrit and is the name of a Hindu god.


Perhaps easily mistaken for popular restaurant franchise Nandos, Nanda means joy in Sanskrit. Various characters in Indian texts, including Vishnu and the foster father of Krishna are known by this name. There was also the 4th century BC King Nanda who founded a dynasty in the Magadha region of India.


I have a lot of time for this name, which means lotus in Sanskrit. The symbol of the lotus is immensely important in the Hindu tradition and is primarily associated with beauty and non-attachment. The goddess Lakshmi and Rama were known by the name Padma in Hindu texts.


This name means spurting/ spilling in Sanskrit. According to Hindu beliefs, it is the name of the god of war who was also known by Kartikeya and Murugan.

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Name Spot of the Week: Exam Names

Exan season is upon me, and now that I’m A-Level, my science exams lack the names that made the Science SAT paper so much more interesting. Nowadays, I have to live with ‘student’, but luckily I take French&Psychology, who do use names, albeit French more than Psychology.

My year was the last to take the Year 9 Sats tests, which contained names such as Tracy, Brian and Ranjit. Yes, Ranjit. Either him or brother Sanjit always made an appearence, in an effort to stay PC, more than anything. It certainly added some humour to the proceedings.

Some other notable names from past papers:

Abdel. Past French Paper.

Adama. Past French Paper.

Angus. Past Psychology Paper.

Bénédicte. Past French Paper.

Bérengere. Past French Paper. There should be a grave accent on the 3rd e, but alas, my keyboard is not French. Bit of trivia for you: English keyboards have qwerty, for the French, it’s azerty.

Bernard. Past French Paper.

Cécile. Past French Paper.

Maika. Past French Paper.

Nina. Past French Paper.

Thibault. It’s a scandal I forgot to include this delightful French names on my recent -o names that aren’t really -o names list, and for those not in the know, it’s tee-bo.

Vandita&Sandra. These two appeared in the same question in a past psychology paper, the mind boggles.

Xavier. I’ve seen him crop up at least twice on past French Edexcel AS-Level exams. (Quick note about English schooling: Edexcel is the name of the exam board, AS is the first year of A-Level, A2 is the second year)

Emma Bunton welcomed a second son this week, fashionably named Tate joins brother Beau. But the best part of the story is the name of the father: Jade.

Speaking of celebrity births, Bryan Adams is now a father to a little girl: Mirabella Bunny. A town near me is named Bunny.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next series of Outnumbered, and the names of two of the child actors are notable: Tyger and Ramona. I thought 15-year-old Tyger had it harsh until I  discovered Tyger is his second middle name, his first name is actually Lindzi. Things must be complicated at the Drew-Honey household, as his mother is called Linzi, and his father is called Simon Lindsay.

I read an interesting article the other day about a gay couple in Arizona who’ve adopted 12 children, my heart leaped when I saw one of their sons is named Ambrose.

I recently discovered the first name of a teacher of mine: Archana, it’s a Sanskrit name, meaning honouring, praising. This is the name of a Hindu ritual.

My father has a friend at t’ Masons called Teg, and it was during the setting up of Ladies Night that I discovered Teg to be a nickname for Tegfan, given his surname, Davies, I’m assuming it’s of Welsh origins.

And the final name spots this week come courtesy of a book by Chris d’Lacey, The Fire Within, he has a talent for naming dragons:

  • Gawain
  • Guinevere
  • Gwendolen
  • Gadzooks
  • Grace
  • Gruffen

I want to give a child the middle name Gadzooks, infact, I now have dibs on Gadzooks and Gawain (or rather, Gwaine); my sister and I have been name dibbing for the past few days, and I’m rather satisfied with my haul, which includes Rupert and Rosalinde, but unfortunately, I’ve had to let go of Josephine. Tis’ all in good spirits though, so I may still get her.

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