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Sibset of the Week: The Cleggs



For this week’s edition of Sibset of the Week, we’re looking to the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Liberal Democrats political party, Nick Clegg.

First elected as an MP in 2005, he went onto to ascend to leadership of the Liberal Democrats in 2007, and following the 2010 General Election joined his party with that of the Conservatives to create our current coalition government. His time in government hasn’t all been plain sailing however, and the likelihood of his party remaining in power after the 2014 General Election are but a slim chance at best – especially after he alienated a big section of his party’s voting demographic following the rise in tuition fees.

That said, we’re here to talk names, not politics. Nick married his Spanish wife Miriam González Durántez in 2000, and the pair have three sons:




It may seem odd to you that Nick Clegg’s sons would have distinctly Spanish names, but it’s worth noting that Nick Clegg speaks 5 languages – including Spanish – and had a Dutch mother himself.

The name Antonio is of uncertain meaning (rank #524), whilst Alberto means noble and bright (#1339). Miguel is the Spanish form of Michael, a name which means who is like God? and ranked at #508 in England&Wales in 2013.

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