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Weekend Post: I Will Not Name Thy Child After Booze

One of the major no-nos when it comes to baby-naming has always been to do with the idea of naming one’s child after a refreshing alcoholic beverage, such as Shandy, Whiskey and Chardonnay.

However, there’s always a but with these kinds of things.

You see, ever since I reached legal drinking age (which is 18 in the UK, hola), things have gotten a lot more complicated than the simple straight line it used to be.

But before we talk alcohol, let’s back track to when I was 2ish and was gifted an adorable grey cat plushie by my Grandmother, this one to be exact:

Corky ze Cat

I named him Corky. Well, specifically, he was Korkey up until I was 7 at which point I ‘corrected’ the spelling of his name to Corky, and thus he has remained. At one stage I did genuinely wonder about using Corky as a middle name, but alas, there’s a good chance the toy I cherish to this day will be going to one of my [hypothetical] children, and thus I wouldn’t want to use Corky if an already significant member of the household bears the name.

You know what I found out at the pub? There’s an alcoholic beverage (specifically, a flavoured liqueur) by the name of Corky’s. How it slipped past me until now is quite remarkable, but it’s true:

Twisted Corky’s

Fish Bowls featuring copious amounts of Corky’s

What the real deal looks like

The tale, sadly, does not end quite there. You see, I’ve yet to discover a taste for beer, so tend to drink cocktails when out and about on the tiles. One of the gothic-y pubs I tend to end up at has themed cocktails, namely 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. The names of the 7 heavenly virtues rather means that I fear that I can never look at a virtue name the same way:

7 Heavenly Virtues

I do wonder whether I’m reading too much into this, I mean, Stella, Tia and Bailey are all popular names despite the existence of Stella Artois, Tia Maria and Baileys. I mentioned many months ago about a character in the popular TV show Waterloo Road called Sambuca ‘Sam’. However, some are put off using the name Amoret because of it sounding similar to amaretto.

Then there are the names Tiger and Sol, both names shared with popular beers from opposite sides of the globe:

World Beers

Oh, and as if the name Lolita hasn’t got a bad enough reputation already – she’s also the name of a Tequila Cocktail:


The line seems somewhat blurred to me these days, I mean, I’ve always really liked the name Corky. It’s almost a state of uncertainty these days – should I write off a name simply because someone somewhere decided to use the name for a cocktail?

And that my dears is the kind of thing I ponder about whilst down at the local.

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Et Names

Screenshot from Pottermore

Sometimes I just seem to get obsessed with names which have a certain quality, be it that they end in -ie or -us, start with re- or st-. The most recent combination of letters that I’ve developed a fondness of is names that end in -et or -ette.

The Classics

Annette/Nanette, grace

Antoinette, meaning uncertain, ultimately derives from Anthony

Bernadette, brave bear

Bridget/Bridgitte,  exalted one

Claudette, lame, crippled

Colette, victory of the people

Elisabet/Elisavet/Lisette, my God is an oath

Georgette, earthworker

Harriet/Henriette, homeruler

Janet/Jeanette, God is gracious

Juliette, downy-bearded

Mariette, bitter or beloved

Margaret, pearl

Odette, wealth or fatherland

Paulette, humble

Scarlet, red

Suzette, lily

Violette, violet

Yvette, yew

The French Words

Amourette/ Amoret, crush, flirtation

Catherinette, unmarried girl over 25 yrs (kind of like the French version of Bridget Jones)

Chouette, great or owl.

Fleurette, small flower

Lunette, glasses

Miette, crumb

Minette, kitten

Noisette, hazelnut

Rainette, tree frog

Robinet, tap/faucet

Rosette, bow

Pipette, also the name of a key piece of science lab equipment.

The Best of the Rest

Ayelet, gazelle

Babette, my God is an oath

Garnet, dark red

Griet, pearl


Joliet, spelling influenced by joli(e), which means pretty.

Kismet, fate


Lynette, image, idol

Monet, home or blessed protector

Murrelet, name of a species of sea-bird

Nicolette, victory of the people

Olivette, elf army

Padget/ Paget, page


Privet, not only the road Harry Potter grew up in, but also the Russian word for hello.

Riet, bitter


Tiferet, glory, beauty

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