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Spot of the Week: Faux Bayeux

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about names containing the letter x, as opposed to beginning or ending with them. I did a post on many names which contain the letter x last year, but all of a sudden I’m coming up with more. Someone suggested Oxana to me just this week, and then I went on to meet an Oxana later on that day. Quelle chance! That said, she spells her name Oksana, not Oxana.

Another name I wanted to mention is Tristan. I finally came around to watching the 2009 film Stardust this week, and the lead male character is called Tristan Thorn. About half-way through the film I had what could only be described as an epiphany about the name Tristan when I realised just how much I liked the name. It’s a case of a name being constantly in the corner of your eye, but only when you pay any attention to it do you realise just how much the name rocks – especially when Ebba mentioned that if she were to call her hypothetical son Tristan, she’d use the nickname Tate.

Oh, and finally, how many of you have heard of the English copy of the Bayeux Tapestry? Created in the 1880s by a group of female embroiderers, it hangs in the Museum of Reading. Each lady involved embroidered her name under each piece she contributed, and I just had to sneak a picture of this particular section:

Mary Adeline

Current darling of many parents – Adeline! It’s what one could call foolproof evidence of the name’s usage in Victorian England, fo’ sure. Other names of ladies involved include Florence, Beatrice and Ellinor. I also think it would be totally cool to use this line when explaining your daughter’s name:

Oh, Adeline? I got the name from the Bayeux Tapestry.

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