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It’s Tuesday, and I’m still sifting through Eurovision related names. When Ich und die Namen covered the subject a few weeks ago, one of the names I called out as being fascinating was Eleftheria, so it seems apt to devote a post to some of the Greek names which have a connection to Eurovision first.

Admittedly, I didn’t actually tune in to Eurovision until Greece’s entry because I was at the cinema for the second time last week to watch the third Men in Black film (oh what a cinema junkie I have become). I must say, my sister was impressed with the song’s rhyming couplet aphrodisiac/maniac, more so than Sweden’s ingenious offering of possible/impossible last year.

To those who didn’t watch the scoring, Greece was in the lead following the first few tallied votes, but faded in the might of Sweden et al towards the end, ending up 17th in the end.

Here’s a list of the name of Greek entrants since 2001 (Greece didn’t compete in 2000):


Giorgos – 2010

The Greek form of George, which means farmer.

Loukas – 2011

The Greek form of Luke, which means man from Lucania.

Michalis – 2002

The Greek form of Michael, which means who is like God?

Sakis – 2004 (Anastasios)

Means resurrection in Greek.

Sarbel – 2007 (Charbel)

There is a St. Charbel, who came from northern Lebanon.


Anna -2006

Form of the Hebrew name Channah, which means favour, grace.

Eleftheria – 2012

Comes from Eleutherios, which means free.

Elena/Helena – 2001&2005 (Eleni)

Eleni is the Greek version of Helen, which means torch.

Kalomira – 2008

Possibly related to the Greek kallos, meaning beauty

Mando – 2003 (Adamantia)

Adamantia is simply a feminine form of Adam, which means man.

Another fascinating source of names is that of the Greek commentators which has changed a few times in recent years:


Fotis (2007)

Modern Greek version of Photios, which means light.

Giorgos (2006)

The Greek version of George.


Alexandra (2005)

Feminine form of Alexander, which means defending man.

Betty (2008-2009, sister of Mathildi)

One of the many nicknames of Elizabeth.

Dafni (1999-2004)

Turkish form of Daphne, which means laurel.

Maria (2011-2012)

One of the many variants of Mary.

Mathildi (2008-2009, sister of Betty)

Presumeably the Greek form of Matilda, which means strength in battle.

Rika (2010)

This spelling is a Japanese female name meaning either good justice/truth or pear flower.

Alternatively, there is the Hungarian name Réka, which may be related to the Turkish name Arikan, which means pureblood.

Zeta (2006)

The name Zita means little girl in Medieval Italian.

Any favourites?

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