An exhaustive list of babies born to British parents and/or babies born in Britain. Any omissions, fell free to alert me in the comment box below.


6. Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland to Orlando Bloom (actor) and Miranda Kerr (model). (LOS ANGELES)

10. Arabella Betsy to Neil McDermott (actor). (LONDON)

24. Coco Reese Lakshmi to Tony Kanal (musician). (LOS ANGELES)

31. Liam James to Craig Ferguson (presenter). Half-sib: Milo Hamish. (LOS ANGELES)

?. Greyson to Jack Shephard (actor). Half-sib: Nyla. (LONDON)


2. Lucia to Sienna Guillory (actress). Twin of Valentina. (LONDON)

2. Valentina to Sienna Guillory (actress). Twin of Lucia. (LONDON)

11. Lily Cato to Martin van der Starre (Dutch musical actor). (LONDON)

16. Aiden to Rod Stewart (musician). Sib: Alastair Wallace. Half-sibs: Sarah, Kimberly, Sean Roderick, Ruby, Renee and Liam McAlister. (LOS ANGELES)

22. Hugo to Christian Poulsen (Dutch footballer). Sibs: Emma and Otto. (LIVERPOOL)

23. Rocco to Paul Dalglish (footballer). Twin of Coco Rose. (HOUSTON)

23. Coco Rose to Paul Dalglish (footballer). Twin of Rocco. (HOUSTON)

26. Lola to Wes Brown (footballer). Sibs: Halle and Lilia. (MACHESTER)


2. Lyra to Sophie Dahl (presenter/model) and Jamie Cullum (jazz musician). (LONDON)

7. Loree to Niko Kanjcar (Croatian footballer). (LONDON)

8. Amara adopted by Saira Khan (presenter). Sib: Zachariah. (KARACHI, PAKISTAN)

9. Molly to Jason Donovan (Australian actor/singer). Sibs: Jemma and Zachary. (LONDON)

10. Ben to Donald Trelford (journalist). Half-sibs: Sally, Tim, Paul and Laura. (LONDON)

13. Philip to Eva Herzigová (Czech model). Sib: George. (LONDON)

14. Sophia Ruby to Peter Crouch (footballer) and Abbey Clancy (model). (LONDON)

19. Oliver to Dan Wheldon (race car driver). Sib: Sebastian Daniel. (ST.PETERSBURG, FL)

22. Max to James Corden (comedian). (LONDON)

23. Polly to Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas (actors). Sibs: Archie Jay, deceased 11th February 2009. Half-sibs: David, Emily and Billy. (MACHESTER)

25. Hero Harper to Myleene Klaas (presenter/model). Sib: Ava Bailey. (LONDON)

31. Olivia to David Tennant and Georgia Moffett (actors). Half-sib: Tyler. (LONDON)


6. Trixie Bea to James Cracknell (Olympian rower) and Beverly Turner (presenter). Sibs: Croyde and Kiki. (LONDON)

14. Belle to Holly Willoughby (presenter). Sib: Harry James. (LONDON)

14. Thomas Christopher to Les Dennis (presenter). Sib: Eleanor Grace. Half-sib: Phillip. (LONDON)

17. Tia to Rio Ferdinand (footballer). Sibs: Tate and Lorenz. (MANCHESTER)

19. Elvis to Gary Lucy (actor). Sib: India. (LONDON)

22. Mirabella Bunny to Bryan Adams (Canadian musician). (LONDON)

27. Romanie-Skye Angel Shelley to Shane Richie (actor). Sibs: Mackenzie Blue (m) and Lolita Bell Shelley. Half-sibs: Shane and Jacob. (LONDON)

?. Rosie to Lucy Benjamin (actress). Sib: Bessie. (ENGLAND)


1. Joseph Matthew to Matt Banahan (rugby player). (BATH)

6. Tate Lee to Emma Bunton and Jade Jones (musicians). Sib: Beau Lee. (LONDON)

20. Jude to Sebastien Izambard (tenor). Sibs: Luca and Rose. (LONDON)

26. Iona to Ben Fogle (presenter). Sib: Ludovic Richard. (LONDON)

31. Jackson to Davinia Taylor (actress). Half-sib: Grey. (LONDON)

?. ? to Robert Webb (comedian) and Abigail Burgess (actress). Sib: Esme. (London). rumoured to be called Dory.


4. Erin Anne Millie to Laurie Brett (actress). (LONDON)

6. Camilla to Kelly Cates (sports presenter). Sib: Gabriella. (LONDON)

15. Jasmine Orienta to Julian Lloyd Webber (cellist). Half-Sib: David. (LONDON)

16. Charlie June to Matt King (Australian rugby player). (WARRINGTON)


5. ? to John O’Shea (Irish footballer). (CHESHIRE)

6. Arthur to Claudia Winkleman (presenter). Sibs: Jake and Matilda. (LONDON)

9. Bingham Hawn to Matt Bellamy (Muse frontman) and Kate Hudson (actress). Half-sib: Ryder Russell. (LOS ANGELES)

10. Harper Seven to David (footballer) and Victoria Beckham (designer). Sibs: Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David. (LOS ANGELES)

13. Harry James to Danielle Lloyd (model) and Jamie O’Hara (footballer). Sib: Archie. (WOLVERHAMPTON)

15. Bardot to Regina Romeijn (Dutch TV presenter). (LONDON)

19. Leo to Anna Freemantle (model). Sib: Max. (EDINBURGH)

?. Stanley to Dido Armstrong (singer). (LONDON)


3. Zephyr to Julia Bradbury (presenter). (LONDON)

21. Delilah Genoveva to Kimberly Stewart (model) and Benicio del Toro (actor). (LOS ANGELES)

27. Owen Edward to Matt Smith (footballer). Sib: Ava. (BRISBANE)


1. Madison to Melanie Brown (singer). Half-sibs: Phoenix Chi, Giselle and Angel Iris. (LOS ANGELES)

3. Sid to Mary McCartney (photographer). Half-sibs: Arthur Alistair and Elliot. Sib: Sam. (LONDON)

5. Indio to Jodie Kidd (model). Half-sib: Lucas. (LONDON)

5. ? to Guy Ritchie (filmmaker). Half-sibs: Rocco John and David Banda Mwale. (LONDON)

12. Aiden Benyamin to Dirk Kuyt (footballer). Sibs: Noelle, Roan Dirk and Jordan Giovanni. (LIVERPOOL)

20. Ella Rose to Jenni Falconer (presenter). (LONDON)

26. ? to Hugh Grant (actor). (LONDON). rumoured to be called Jessica.

29. Archie Jack to Jack Wilshere (footballer). (LONDON)


9. Regan (m) to Kelle Bryan (singer). (LONDON)

15. Matteo to Martin Skrtel (footballer). (LIVERPOOL)

25. Lady Stella to Marina Hanbury (socialite) and Ned Lambton (Earl of Durham). Half-sib: Frederick. (LONDON)

26. ? to James Buckley (actor). (KILMARNOCK, SCOTLAND)

27. Luey Jacob to Billy Sharp (footballer). (DONCASTER). deceased 29 October 2011.

29. Romy to Karen Webb (presenter). Sib: Matteo. (MUNICH)


1. Lourdes to Steven Gerrard (footballer) and Alex Curran (model). Sibs: Lilly-Ella and Lexie. (LIVERPOOL)

2. Luke to Michelle Gayle (actress). (LONDON)

5. Clemency Florence Rose to Kate Silverton (news reader). (LONDON)

9. Coco to Dawn Steele (actress). (LONDON)

11. Sophia Ann to Luke Donald (golfer). (CHICAGO)

25. Ace Billy to Matt (musician) and Emma Willis (presenter). Sib: Isabelle Catherine. (LONDON)

25. Ethel Mary to Lily Allen (singer). (CHESHIRE)

25. Elise to Piers Morgan (presenter). Half-sibs: Spencer William, Stanley Christopher and Albert Douglas. (LOS ANGELES)

26. Violet to Tom Aikens (chef). (LONDON)


15. Beaux to Charley Bird (singer). (ESSEX)

17. Amelia Rose to Gavin Esler (news anchor). (LONDON)

20. Koa to Kian Egan (singer). (STRANDHILL, IRELAND)

22. Papaya to Alicia Douvall. Half-sib: Georgia. (LONDON)

26. Elijah Joseph to Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell (actors). (LONDON)

26. Thomas to Niall Ferguson (TV Historian). Half-sibs: Felix, Freya and Lachlan. (NEW YORK CITY)

27. Cassius Joseph to Joey Barton (footballer).

29. Isabel to Joseph Fiennes (actor). (LOS ANGELES)

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